Monday 28 February 2011


The first 'welcome' post for a little while, but I guess that is understandable with the lack of posting I had recently - sorry for that guys.

This 'welcome' heartily goes out to knodd who I note has started following a few minis based blogs, and has kindly chosen Pulp Citizen to include in that list.

As ever, I am really appreciative of anyone signing up to Follow the blog, and to that end I may do another contest soon, open to Followers. Details in good time.

Saturday 26 February 2011

Some Recent Gaming

Rob and I managed 3 games of Pulp City a few days ago. Each time we play, I try to make sure there is something new available. This time it was Xyllian, Master Sagittarius, and he featured in the first game.

We played each game as Encounter Level (EL) 6, meaning 2 Level 1 and 2 Level 2 Supremes per side. This meant we tried some new favourites and some old favourites; Sanguine (Night) (Level 2) is quickly becoming a new favourite as he seems pretty unstoppable (but more on that later). we played using a mix of Plots and Agendas. Judicious use of the latter can turn a scoreline around, so are well worth considering, especially as they can allow for unique victory circumstances in every game.

The first game was an Escape Plot, pitting the fleeing Ulthar against a rag-tag mix of Heroes.

The Heroes won the day, taking down almost all of the Ulthar, while doing their utmost to save as many innocent Citizens as possible.

We decided for the second game that as the Ulthar fled, they dropped something of importance. Heavy Metal and the Necroplane became aware of the item, so a Quest for the dropped item ensued.

Chronin's time-twisting abilities carried the day for Heavy Metal, but not before a last-ditch attack from Mourn.

Sanguine (Night) proved a very capable asset in this game (and the following one!), which makes it time to consider how to counter him. His most effective Action in these games was easily Fangs, followed by Crimson Mist. So how to neutralise his effectiveness?
  • Take advantage of the fact that his Actions affecting other models work best or indeed only against Living models. Use Constructs/Mechanical, or Non Living to counter this where possible.

  • Look to use models that are Immune/Mind: Vector, Supreme Zed, Red Baron, or C.O.R.E.. All Constructs (Apebot, Herald) are Immune/Mind. Undertaker makes Six Feet Under Immune/Mind until the end of the round.

  • Consider screening Supremes with Minions.

  • Nullify his option to Activate or make full use of AP using Actions such as Rake (Harrier); King of Torment (Ace of Wraiths); Concussion (Rook); Mind Grip (Gemini Y)

  • Protect your models with Actions such as Halo of Souls (Red Riding Hoodoo).

  • Move Sanguine out of position using actions such as Wind Blast (Elemental Mastery: Water and Air); Gale (Boreas); Pawns (Trail); Wind Strike (Chimp Chi); Lure (Xyllian, Master Sagittarius); Tipping the Scales (Stormblades, Libra Sensei); Taunting (Xenobi); Go With The Flow (Seabolt)

  • Use Held* Actions; basically launching a counter-strike as Sanguine moves in.

The final Encounter was a simple beat-down: a Smackdown! This saw ARC members teaming with Ace of Wraiths trying to stop a rampage of terror organised by Sanguine. In this final game, victory conidtions were even based on the Plot chosen, but scoring from Agendas edged it for the ARC/Ace of Wraiths alliance.

Thursday 24 February 2011

Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011)

Dwayne McDuffie passed away a few days ago, I learned today. He was one of the architects responsible for one of the comic book lines/universes that I cherish most - Milestone; home of Static, Icon, Rocket, the Blood Syndicate, Xombi, Hardware, the Shadow Cabinet and so many more besides. His name is probably not readily familiar to many, but his impact certainly went far beyond those Milestone comic books, or the work he did for DC and Marvel comics amongst others. Dwayne McDuffie also worked as a writer, story-editor and/or producer variously on the Static Shock, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans and Ben 10 cartoons.

Dwayne was a regular presence on the forums he maintained, and was responsible for printing my only letter to a comic book letter column. He was always courteous and open with his opinions which were fair and erudite in my view. I feel he never got the recognition he deserved from DC or Marvel, but that is for another time. More than the passing of other creators, for me Dwayne McDuffie's unexpected death at the age of 49 years is a sad event.

Rest in peace Dwayne McDuffie. Your talents will be missed.

Sunday 20 February 2011

Mini Update

Not a good month for minis for me this month. I had an essay that took up a lot of my time at the beginning of the month, while many of my days off since then have revolved around issues relating to a planned relocation; including hopefully a new Pulp Citizen-cave.

I have a number of part-completed minis on the painting station, and with luck I may get one or more done today.

On a more positive note, a few days ago I finally acquired a Red Baron, meaning my collection of Pulp City minis is complete. Happy event for me!

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Some Pulp City Gaming Today

Rob and I managed two games of Pulp City today; the first was a small Encounter (EL 5) built around a special scenario - a variation of the Quest Plot. The game was fast and fun, and involved some new terrain pieces I have acquired to represent the ruins of Ashville Asylum. This game will get a more full write-up soon as I formulate the scenario outline as a pdf. In the picture (right) you can see Red Riding Hoodoo's Zombie Wolf racing to intercept the advancing Villains (Twilight; Hellsmith; Sanguine).

The second game was a bigger Encounter. This time we played EL 12 and C.O.R.E. and members of Heavy Metal took to the streets of Pulp City to remind a group of disparate Vigilantes led by Dead Eye that they are operating outside the law. With EL 12 games being much more involved due to the array of Actions and abilities employed, we played a simple Smackdown! Plot. Rob won decisively in command of the Heavy Metal Supremes (C.O.R.E., Dr. Mercury, Iron Train, Nuclear Jones, Androida, Chronin and Lady Cyburn) against the unaligned Vigilantes (Dead Eye, Stoner Hawk, Virgo, Solar, Tritonious, Jade Hawk and Skyline). I made some poor tactical choices and folded quickly against the heavy Metal onslaught. I look forwards to a rematch against C.O.R.E. and company, maybe when Dark Solar is unleashed....
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