Thursday 30 May 2013

Re-basing Apebot!

I had planned to re-base my Powerhouses (Powerhouses are the 'big guys' of Supreme Teams in the upcoming Pulp City SE; in comic book terms they are the Hulk or the Thing of their Team), but had not planned that work yet. I had the bases ready but wanted to get back on top of my general painting first.

Then I knocked Apebot of his shelf in the figure cabinet and so with so much re-touching of chipped paintwork there was only the choice to re-base at the same time.

Easier said than done of course, as I found the arms did not want to go back on as they had fit before. And of course I forgot precisely which colours I had originally used...but made some guesses to compensate!

Anyway no mounted on a 50mm base is Apebot.

Base size is important in Pulp City SE as Size Matters; basically the model on a bigger base gets a die bonus against models on a smaller base. And trust me, those dice do matter!

Wednesday 29 May 2013


A hearty 'welcome aboard' to Michelle the 129th Follower of the blog. I cannot see who the 128th was from checking, so if anyone has not had a 'welcome', please chime in and I will rectify that!

On the minis front I took a shot of every painted Pulp City mini I have yesterday, so look for that very soon. I *think* there are 105 Supreme and Minion models in the picture, so please forgive any ropey-ness of the picture when it appears in the upcoming post.

I have also re-based Apebot after dropping the mini a while back, so look for the touched up and now 50mm base Apebot to make a brief appearance.

I also hope to finish painting some more Pulp City in the next few weeks so watch this space.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Grimmancer (2)

Click to enlarge-icate
After the Fall, the Grimm have changed. They have grown more powerful, and increasingly there are new enclaves that have been found under the city’s boroughs.

Not my best work, but this has sat unfinished for months, so I was determined to get him out of the painting queue at the weekend. I actually enjoyed finishing the mini more than the preceding stops and starts which may explain why I was able to finish him quite quickly (I say quickly; that is relative to the months of stagnation on the work!).

In the current edition Grimm are a Minion or Resource option; in the SE version expect them to change and be something more, even though it may be a while before they re-appear fully. Be sure that they are not gone though!

Getting this one done has reignited my enthusiasm so I hope I can finish a few more Pulp City minis in June; I have 3 Terror Cotta Warriors and Night Fright & Leech part painted so they need to be my priorities.

Before they appear though, expect another Pulp City minis post or two in the next few days...

Thursday 23 May 2013

Pulp City New Releases: V.H. and Blacksmith


Up to now I have pretty much kept to posting pics of my own minis, but I have decided it may be useful to add updates about new Pulp City releases as they come out, so starting now I will be doing that.

New Heroes have been added to the line-up of Pulp City Supremes (click for link): V.H., Leader of the Blood Watch, and Blacksmith, the guardian of artifacts in the Blood Watch vaults. The 'studio' paint-jobs can be seen to the right.

V.H.'s current edition (not SE) rules can be found here: linkBlacksmith's current edition rules can be found here: link

They follow last month's release of the Villains Green Emperor (Leader of the Jade Cult) and Terror Cotta Warrior (the death robots of the Jade Cult); the links for their rules can be found here.

I hope to get my own V.H. and Blacksmith painted up soon, but how soon is soon is another matter!
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