Monday 29 August 2016

Ankle Biters (Minions)

Ankle Biters done! I tackled these now as I was starting to lose some motivation and momentum on the Citizens, so I needed to finish something different to keep myself going. Thankfully the Ankle Biters offered a pretty quick turnaround. On another plus side, painting them is in line with my intention to paint more Minions this year.

I kept the painting scheme pretty simple as the most important thing for me was simply finishing 'something'. That helped them get finished fairly quickly and my renewed motivation has extended to prepping some more minis (Including Voicelings!), which was a nice bonus. These two are my 146th and 147th painted Pulp City minis, taking me a step closer to the 'magic 150'.

Ankle Biters have been appearing in increasing numbers on the streets of Pulp City, and many assume Mysterious Man is responsible for their creation, but rumour has it that he now has a rival in his field.

In game terms Ankle Biters are nice simple Level 1 Brawler Minions. They are best used in tandem, ganging up on a single opposing model, preferably with added Momentum bonus (they can each roll 3 to 4 dice then if attacking the same model). If you can trigger an EFX, they become especially dangerous as one of their EFX options is Fatigue, meaning these lowly Minions can potentially lock even a mighty Supreme in place.

I really need to get a Minion-heavy Mysterious Man Team onto the table soon to use all the wacky options at his disposal!

Ankle Biters
Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 1 Minions
30 mm

Sunday 21 August 2016

Citizens pt 1 - Pets

I am long overdue painting up some Citizens, having in the past relied on acrylic token stand-ins - (which are great, but aren't painted minis!).

I have also been in danger of losing painting momentum recently, (that may not be apparent to readers, I am just in one of those phases of finding painting 'hard to do' at times), so a quick win was always going to be a good motivator, which is why I decided to start with the Pets.

In-game, Citizens are used for Agendas, and there a variety of scoring conditions which can be selected from. They are nice a simple to use and manage during games, so are well worth a try.

Saturday 20 August 2016


Another 'welcome to the Pulp Citizen blog' post, this time greeting Sander van Straeten, a name familiar to me from certain minis groups. Thanks for Following the blog Sander. :)

On the hobby front I have been too tired for painting this week, but have been assembling and undercoating a few minis: White Tiger, Feartigo and two Ankle Biters. Hopefully i will manage to do some painting before the weekend is concluded. :)

Tuesday 16 August 2016

100 Voices

My summer of Pulp City painting continues! 100 Voices proved somewhat of a surprise on the painting front, as I had no plans a week earlier to tackle him! (even though I have loved this mini from the moment James showed us the WiP pictures). I had been prepping a big batch of minis across a few ranges to get ready for later painting and opted to include him. Then I decided to do his base blue colour, and well, he ended up getting finished over a couple of quick sessions in one day which was very pleasing. It was a pleasingly straightforward painting job.

100 Voices is Eric Hanson, a former crooked but successful lawyer who had a sideline as a vicious serial killer, brought to justice by Dead Eye. Empowered by the dark whispers which constantly surround him, he ha been remade as 100 Voices.

In game terms 100 Voices is a Leader, essentially building Villain Teams of Supremes lacking Faction affiliation. Consequently he is something of an alternative to Mysterious Man. Unlike some Leaders, 100 Voices is not a heavy Damage dealer. Instead he brings disruption to his foes though Mind Control and some very effective de-buff Actions, and forcing models to rely on Spirit against him, often a weaker Trait.

Having painted 100 Voices, I really need and want to paint the Voicelings to go with him very soon.

I am really happy to have finished 100 Voices, and have recently finished the pets from the Citizens pack too (look for them soon), so I hope to get most of the Citizens family done this month too - watch this space. 100 Voices is my 143rd Pulp City mini, and if I do finish the Citizens soon that will leave just one mini short of the big 150....

100 Voices
Villain, Support, Level 3, Mystery
30 mm

Monday 8 August 2016


This my first 'welcome to the blog' type post for a while. This time it is for Michał Kucharski, author of the Dwarfcrypt blog (click for link). Go check out his blog - can we hope to see some Pulp City on there eventually Michał?

On my own hobby front, I managed to pretty much complete another Supreme over the weekend (basing, varnishing and final touch-ups to finish it off), as well as doing most of the painting for a couple of very easy to paint Pulp City minis, so expect some blog posts for those starting in the next few days.
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