Sunday 23 November 2014

Comte Vendredi

Comte Vendredi
Villain, Support, Level 2, Mystery 
40 mm

It has been far too long since my last painted Pulp City mini. I can only apologise!

Comte Vendredi is a minor spirit who has grasped power within the Coven, with particular mastery over the ranks of the Dead Guard. The mini depicts the tiny entity atop the shoulder of a Dead Guard host/platform.

In game terms, Comte Vendredi is a formidable and very durable Level 2 Support, especially when compared to comparable Level 2 Support models in other Factions.

I knew in general terms how I wanted to tackle Comte Vendredi as soon as I saw the mini, however when I started painting it my choice of green felt wrong, and that stalled motivation, until I over-painted the green with a different shade at a much later date, and I knew then how I wanted to proceed.

Comte Vendredi is the 120th Pulp City mini that I have painted. I have just today done a little projection of how many more minis I will need to paint to paint everything currently available now and due with the Kickstarter, plus a couple more duplicates, and it looks like I have a whopping 70 or so minis to go - let alone what future plans we have for further out! I really must start finishing more Pulp City minis much more quickly!

Sunday 16 November 2014

Interceptor #1 (Comic Book Kickstarter)

Not something Pulp City related, but a Kickstarter for a comic book, and something I am happy to support, having backed the previous project by the same crew (Unstoppable Comics). I may be old-fashioned, but my preferences for comics is mostly for action-adventure stories with nice art and satisfying story. Unstoppable Origins #4 met that for me, and I am sure Interceptor #1 will too. Just a project I wanted to draw attention too, and they are more than halfway funded.

Sunday 2 November 2014


Another 'welcome to the blog' post, this time to Second Class Elitist; thanks very much for signing up. Without visitors and most importantly Followers, I would not still be doing this blog or the other two hobby blogs I run, so thank you again to Second Class Elitist and everyone else, as ever.

On the Pulp City front is has felt like a long year of not very much painting for me. I keep promising to get more painted, and other stuff other other games eat into that time. I really am hoping to try and rectify that a little in the next two months, but I have said things like that before, so time will tell.
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