Sunday 31 May 2015

Urgent Reminder - Pulp City SE Kickstarter

It has been very rewarding for us to see most of our backers getting to grips with their pledge rewards, but we still get a small number of enquiries across all areas of social media about pledges that have not yet arrived. We need to get those closed off as soon as possible.

This kind of delay has usually been due to:
  • Shipping not being paid, or
  • Pledge Manager document not being returned

Please, if you have not yet had your pledge arrive, AND if you are not already in contact with Karol or had notification of shipping, please email Karol using the following address to discuss your pledge:

kickstarter at pulpmonsters dot com
Link to Kickstarter update

Thank you from the Pulp Monsters team. :)

Sunday 24 May 2015

Pulp City SE FAQ's & Errata

The journey to get Pulp City SE published was a long one, taking over 3 years from the initial ideas we had about the revisions we wanted in the core mechanics to getting the book into fan's hands.

In the process we wrote and wrote, then edited, edited, and edited again. And still the odd mistake slipped through!

Accordingly, we will be maintaining a living FAQ and Errata, updated as issues arise (we hope these are not too many!).

The living FAQ and Errata will be featured on the Pulp City Forum, and fairly soon on the website. In the mean-time I will also be hosting it here in one of the pages in the header: click for link.
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