Tuesday 28 February 2012

Sgt. Bale Extreme (4)

Just a little update. The deadline for this is March 16th, but given the stop-start approach I have to painting I have done some small bits and pieces over the past couple of days.

It may not be obvious from the WiP picture, but the green fatigues have had washes and highlighting applied, so onto the boots or skin next.

Other WiP stuff is: Tengu Boss Zombie; a Reaper Chronoscope mini (Black Mist?); former US Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk.


Hot on the heels of the 100th Follower's 'welcome' comes the 101st. This time one goes out to Eric, host of several blogs (including Legion of Liberty Chronicles and Chronicles of Ganth). And of course I found Eric's blogs through the sideways links that permeate the blogosphere; our 'blogrolls' are the veritable aether of the blogoverse and it is thanks to Gothridge Manor that I found Eric's blogs - and I am happy that I did. I am guessing Eric has a soft spot for comics of yore - no bad thing in my opinion. Thanks to Eric for signing up.

100th Welcome

This is a bit of a milestone for me.

The latest 'welcome' aboard' goes out to Hammer and Forge. As everm I alwasy check any new arrival's links and I suggest you do so to: Hammer and Forge's blog can be found here. If the words - full size replica chainsword appeal to you, then this is the blog for you! Consider me following it! Big thanks to Hammer and Forge for signing up to the Pulp Citizen - really appreciated.

A little over two years ago when I started this blog I did not imagine this humble little blog dedicated primarily to my favourite minis game would garner 100 Followers, or over 25,000 hits. So as ever thanks for checking in as I chart my hobbying with this game, this line of minis, and tangential stuff along the way.

And a big thanks to the 100 Followers who have signed up to the blog. Now I really need to do a competition or something to celebrate!

Monday 27 February 2012

Free Pulp City Rules pdf

It has taken a while, but the free Pulp City rules pdf is now in synch with the Guide rules. Up until now, the old pdf was the only free Pulp City rules-set, but thanks to Pulp Monsters theeir current rules have been transferred into a free download pdf.

This is the link to the pdf:

Pulp City rules pdf.

And in case anyone missed it, here is my very brief game overview done in Comic Life format!

Sunday 19 February 2012

Sgt. Bale Extreme (3)

Recently Varagon of the Pulp City Forum has organised a 'mini exchange', whereby participants all paint a mini for another participant.

I drew Beermonkey (a.k.a. my partner in crime Devon; we both help out with the Games Development side of things for Pulp City).

With the recent website and store access problems I was faced with the issue that I did not have any spares around of minis he does not have, so I wanted something special. After mulling it over for a few days, I remembered the Sgt. Bale Extreme conversion I began a couple of years ago (I know, I know...). So after more than 2 years, progress has started!

March 18th is the deadline for completion, which should be okay (famous last words...), so hopefully I will update the blog periodically with progress.

Friday 17 February 2012


This 'shout out' (hey, the Pulp Citizen likes to 'keep it real' after all, ;p ) is to Donogh McCarthy who has signed up as the 99th Follower, and whose blog can be found here (I have signed up to the blog, and don't be fooled by the title this is a broad church blog in many respects - a 'good thing' as ever!). So thanks again to Donogh McCarthy for signing up, and I look forwards to seeing what posts he makes as they are thrown onto my 'Blogs I Enjoy' list.

I have also had over 25,000 hits, which is a pretty nice in of itself. So thanks everyone.

Re-purposing Resources

Just a few ideas of using Resources bundled with one mini with another.

Soul Trap
(comes with Mourn)
Consider giving this to a heavy hitter like Supreme Zed; use Supreme Zed to target a model you don't want to see get back up (maybe if you have chosen the Revenge Agenda), perhaps backed up with Path of Destiny to stack the odds in your favour. Useful if facing a Team with healers backing up First Aid Kit etc.

Weapons Crate
(comes with Dr. Red & Howler)
Don't overlook that Gentleman can join a Team that has a majority of ARC members and then benefits from the Weapon Crate Resource.

Silencer Gun
(comes with Twilight)
Making a mainly Coven Team? What about taking Gentleman in lieu of Twilight? Take the Silencer Gun and he can Lurk from Round 1 and benefit every following Round without any further upkeep until it fails, while moving and still shooting with the Silencer Gun, which won't undo Lurk! Add in Flash Grenade for a roving sneaky gun-guy.

Tuesday 14 February 2012


Back to back 'welcome' posts? Aye carumba and thank you very much folks!

This time a big thank you to jgelder1 who has joined within the past couple of days. Another hobbyist of broad tastes I would guess - there seem to be many of us about don't there?

I know that eschewing historical minis in my younger days, tabletop gaming and minis painting was dominated by one company alone, GW. Stepping away from the minis hobby for 5-6 years was refreshing for when I returned. Cut to around 11-12 years after returning to the minis hobby and I have discovered so many low model-count skirmish games that I enjoy, that in some ways I think this is perhaps the greatest time to be a hobbyist with interests in the fantastical and non-historical, with so many high quality ranges covering so many genres and cross-genre tastes, as well as global accessibility. And those historical guys are pretty well served too, let us be fair!

So meanderings aside, once again a huge 'welcome aboard' goes out to jgelder1 for signing up - thanks very much.

Sunday 12 February 2012


The fifth welcome of the month - this time to ironmammoth whose work I just stumbled upon on Lead Adventure Forum. And it is stunning stuff.

ironmammoth has been, among other things, creating some amazing laser cut MDF terrain. I had seen his nodding donkey (pumpjack) before, but forgot about those until today when I saw his stunning windmill. I note ironmammaoth has some similar war-game interests to my own so I will be sure to check out his blog here.

Anyhoo, with the dots joined up for me, ironmamoth's is one blog I will be watching very closely. And thanks again for doing me the honour of signing up to Pulp Citizen.

On my own hobby front; no painting of minis in the past few days (just walls!), but quite a lot of writing...

Friday 10 February 2012

Salute 2012

Purchased my tickets a couple of days ago and I know that Pulp Monsters will have a stand again this year.

Last year we saw stuff like the Perun and Sovereign minis in limited advanced sales supply. The year before Maciej had previews of minis such as Tritonious. Maciej will be more than happy to talk Pulp City, and the same goes for me of course. I expect there may be a surprise or two this year.

Salute Twenty Twelve at Excel London.
21st April 2012

Expect me to be running small demo games through part of the day.

Come and say 'hi' and it will be appreciated.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Hendybadger's Pulp City Scoop

Hendybadger (he of Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher ) has posted a news scoop on his blog:

Scoop about Pulp City rules pdf and upcoming releases.


A welcome shout out to the 96th Follower of the Pulp Citizen blog - Simonster. Simonster describes himself as "a northern monkey who has too many battles on too many painting fronts"; sentiments I know very well!

Simonster has two WH40K and WHFB themed blogs (A Taste of Venom - Dark Eldar; and A Taste of Chaos - Warhammer Chaos). While I have drifted away from WH40K, and have yet to get around to ever starting any of my 'planned' Warhammer armies, I will be watching these blogs with interest. While my other blog (The Eclectic Tabletop Gamer) is my likely outlet for GW stuff, I hope Simoster finds things that will appeal to him here on the Pulp Citizen.

Thanks again to everyone who stops by.

Do I need to do something special if I hit the magic 100?

Perun & Tritonious (Mini Team)

An odd one this one, and not an all-vanquishing combo, but potentially of interest tactically.

Tritonious is able to offer some Water manipulating Actions of use in combo with Perun. Use Tidal to draw Water Supremes and Minions such as Perun towards the marked point. While against enemy models this is useful to disrupt movement and attack angles, for Perun it may work to shift him to a preferred position without using precious AP (for example win a Round when using Stormcaller).

Also consider using Ebb Flow* to add to Perun's safety; stack with Perun's own Static Shield and Perun becomnes very hard to take down since he will be Immune/Strength attacks, have Trump on Spirit play at Agility 5 for the Round and still be able to Movement Action (the range of the Ebb Flow* Aura permitting) and Stormcaller (or Lightning Bolt or Jolt* if Stormcaller has been used). Basically a defensive tactic and therefore useful for holding objectives or table quarters.

Wednesday 8 February 2012


Crikey, barely has the last 'welcome' been posted than time for another.

A big hearty shout-out goes to MiniMike, proprietor of the MiniStories blog here. Looking at his blog the thing that caught my eye most was seeing the label 'Finns'; being part Finnish myself ('tis true gentle readers!) then my attention is always grabbed when I spy anything like that.

If I ever have the force list and minis to do WWII (or Weird World War II) Finns at 'my preferred scale', then be sure I will check back in on work like MiniMike's for inspiration. Great stuff.

On the Pulp City front, if possible I may try and get some work done on the Hadrons and/or Monster in the next few days.

Pulp Monsters Server Change

Pulp Monsters' server hosts have been changing over their servers (or some kind of technical gubbins), so some links and Google generated links are out of date. I noticed I could not use my usual bookmarks.

The Forum is back up here.

And the main site appears to be here (even if searching on Google instead brings up a broken link).


Every new Follower gets a 'welcome', since as far as I am concerned it is the very least that I can do if someone takes the time to look over my blog.

This 'welcome' and therefore big thank you for signing up as a Follower goes out to laughingferret. In the starnge chain of inter-connectedness that is the minis painting world, I saw a couple of AE-WWII Hell Hounds painted by laughingferret on the Lead Adventure Forum (a great place BTW!). From there I saw he had his own blog which I checked out and signed up for and laughingferret has kindly reciprocated.

The thing is if I had not been recently preoccupied with looking into getting some work done with my AE WWII minis, I would not have seen those Hell Hounds or his blog, which itself covers tons of stuff that takes my interest from cool WH40K conversions and projects, to Blood Bowl (yes I will start that up someday I guess) and so much more - I heartily recommend stopping by laughingferret's blog here.

So thanks again to everyone who stops by, new and old.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Ulthar (Sub-faction - updated)

Click on image to embiggen

A technologically advanced alien empire bent on invading and subjugating the Earth; their efforts have been repelled time and again so far.

The Ulthar have a culture based around a shifting caste system. Currently the Aquarius Warlords are the masters.

Ulthar Supremes (rear row left to right):
  • Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain: a raging slave caste ground assault commander.
  • Stormblades, Libra Sensei: warrior monk master of close-quarters fighting.

(middle row, left to right):
  • Stinger, Scorpio Fencer: deadly armoured blade-warrior.
  • Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord: royal caste, current masters of the Ulthar forces of war.
  • Xyllian, Master Sagittarius: incomparable scout and infiltrator.

(front row, left to right):
  • Gemini X: twin psychic mutant, healer and defender.
  • Gemini Y: twin psychic mutant, manipulator of minds.

Monday 6 February 2012

Avengers Trailer!

"I have an army."

"We have a Hulk."

Ace! The latest Avengers trailer, shown during the Superbowl yesterday. I am very, very excited (and impatient!) to see this movie.

Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord

The Ulthar are a warlike race of aliens travelling to Earth through Quantum Holes. The aquari are the royal caste, controlling the wrariors, navigation and ship itself of each Patriaship.

This mini has taken a long, long time to finish off - it really has. Firstly there was a problem with the neck frill component, then when it had been prepped I base-coated the main armour and lost focus and motivation. And that situation carried on for quite some time...

What I resolved to do was start other minis (a couple of Grimm in fact), and paint the second version of Stalker to 'get something done' - which from past expereince helps me paint something that has ground to a halt. And it did work, albeit slowly, but finally Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord has been finished, barring varnish.

The upshot is that my Ulthar Sub-faction is finished for the time being, which means I am again closing in on painting everything in the range (until the next waves of releases!).

As a level 3 Supreme, Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord is a potent model on the battlefield - durable and pretty hard-hitting. I still find the Ulthar tricky to use as a whole, meaning I do not get the best out of them, but I am pleased with the force as a painted 'unit' of sorts.

Sunday 5 February 2012


Another 'welcome' going out, this time to Luckyjoe (of LuckyJoe's Place - here). Thanks for signing up! Check out what Luckyjoe is doing with his City Board (link here) if you want some excellent inspiration for urban terrain and what can be done with the Sarissa buildings. Definitely worth a look. Luckyjoe acknowledges favouring Zombies and survivors (and who am I to argue!), but there is an eclectic mix to be found. Good stuff.

On my own hobby front - expect pictures of Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord tomorrow, and the updated Ulthar Team picture the day after. Probably.

Stalker (Version 2)

I have of course painted one Stalker already, that one done in a kind of black jaguar scheme. Thinking that it would be cool to do another, so that the opposing aspects of Solar/Avatar of the Jaguar could each have a companion, I thought the obvious thing to do was a white-furred variation. Who knows - maybe I will do a more 'naturalistic' one eventually?

This has been finished for a week or two now (I think), but was awaiting time to actually photograph it. Click on the pictures as usual to make them bigger.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and at least I managed to get something painted in January amid the disruption of my night shifts.

I wish I could claim credit for the basing idea, using the mail box (by Megaminis I think), but I shamelessly stole it from another Pulp City fan; Tea Urn from Gog Online is the painter who deserves all credit (link here), and a great idea it was in my opinion - kudos to Tea Urn.
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