Saturday, 30 April 2011

Avatar Of The Jaguar

Even Solar is not fully aware of his powers. The ability to call the Sun to his aid seems almost unlimited but thoughts as dark as the moonless night stalk his head more often and often. What additional price will the Mayan artifact demand from him?

Painted along with Stalker, simply as expediency and to practice my 'new' black technique, I found the outcome slightly less satisfactory with Avatar Of The Jaguar as the painting is probably not quite as smooth as on Stalker. I guess this is likley due to the larger and less defined areas on Stalker.

Along with Solar and Dark Solar, Avatar Of The Jaguar is but one aspect of billionaire Johann Sonnenbrandt - a Supreme empowered by ancient Ahau Kin, who is at once a tormented and torn soul.

I have wanted to get my hands on Avatar Of The Jaguar since the first previews and enjoyed painting it. The black jaguar colour scheme seemed a natural complement to the Stalker mini, and it is very likely I will try a patterned Avatar Of The Jaguar at some point in the future. I will hopefully post the whole Solar iterations line-up in the next few days.

In game terms Avatar Of The Jaguar is much more focused than Solar emphasizing Close Combat Actions and related abilities. Combined with Stalker he is a deadly proposition as their abilities can stack to create very debilitating effects on an unwary target.


  1. Cheers. I was happier with Stalker, and both probably look better in reality, but much appreciated. :)


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