Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ziterdes - Tombs of Darkness

I really like the Ziterdes stuff a lot; it doesn't weigh much and can be used as-is or painted according to tastes. It may not be the cheapest range of products, but it suits my needs for gaming.

I ordered these from Wayland Games and they were priced at £6.75 GBP which I thought was good value. They arrived in a basic grey colour, so suitable for gaming immediately, but I decided to go with a bit of painting, washing and dry-brushing to add a little extra. With minimal efforts they were finished.

I recently received some of the back-in-production Apartments. They are very cleanly cast, which makes me think that if I see something new that I want from Ziterdes in future, I will try and order it early as the casting may be crisper. That said, I still remain satisfied with the products I have had so far.


  1. They do look a lot better after the TLC, used to have their trench system many moons ago.

  2. Was planning on ordering there myself and this is the final push needed. Very nice scenery, seems to be good quality.


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