Sunday, 8 June 2014

Aurelius (New Villain Starter)

Villain, Tank, Level 2, Mystery
30 mm 

Okay, okay, my last 'welcome' post stated that I planned to paint one of those minis I have not yet finished, but after a painting slump in May I had to go with motivation, and since I felt motivated to paint this, it is what got done!

Aurelius has mastered the art of alchemy and turned that mastery to himself, his body transformed into gold.

When we formulated the Roles for the Supreme Edition, Tanks went through a few changes until we were happy. We wanted as many different Roles as possible in the new Starter sets which meant we wanted a Tank. Unlike a lot of Level 2 Tanks however, Aurelius is a bit different. He is only on a 30mm base, but compensates with better AP generation.

We also wanted straightforward Powers and Actions for the new Starter minis, but that does not stop them having subtleties which will be clear when people get gaming with them.

I love this sculpt by James Van Schaik, and it is unmistakably Pulp City in style. I can definitely see Aurelius being used to bodyguard Mysterious Man in future games. Of course thanks to the new Leader Cards, any team will be able to use pretty much any Supreme, which of course includes Aurelius.

Pulp City Minis Painted: 119

Friday, 18 April 2014


A new 'welcome to the blog' post, this time to the coolly named Ronin Plumber, as Follower #139. Even though new content is added at a slower rate than when I started over four years and 625 posts ago, I will continue to add to the blog, so it is great (for me) to see new people signing up ever so often. So thanks again to Ronin Plumber (and everyone who signs up or stops by).

While I have only painted a couple of Pulp City minis this year, I do have ambitions to get several more done before September (when the KS is anticipated to be delivered). Ideally I would like to have painted most or all of the following Supremes before then:

  • Green Serpent
  • Doom Train
  • Blacksmith
  • V.H.
  • Comte Vendredi
  • Red Bella
  • Papa Zombie
  • At least one Terror Cotta Warrior
That would bring me to the point where all the retail-released minis except the Monster are done, which would be nice, and would take me to around 125 painted Pulp City minis. Watch this space!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Wildman (New Hero Starter)

Hero, Brawler, Level 2, Nature
40 mm 

My first Pulp City minis painted since January, and only my second of the year. That needs to change. I have now painted 118 Pulp City minis in my personal collection (some of them more than once; I have painted a further 3 for 'mini exchanges'), and by the end of the year I want that to be at least 130. I have a few part-painted so that is not beyond the realms of reasonable possibility.

Wildman is one of the new Hero Starter Set minis. The new Starter Sets have been designed to have as few parts as possible. The Hero Supremes are all one-piece, making it quick and easy to prepare them for gaming and painting. The Villain set requires only minimal assembly on two minis, and the third is one-piece like the Heroes.

Wildman himself epitomizes a lot of key design features of Pulp City: Supreme Edition. He is on a 40 mm base which has an important impact as Size Matters in SE. He is able to pool dice very well based on his base size, his Brawler Power, his movement type (Bounding), and a built-in bonus to his core Combat Action (Rending Slash), meaning when he unleashes 5 dice or more for Rending Slash he gets to use another Action called Shrug Off for no cost. He is a tough hombre.

On painting him, I wanted to keep it simple; I thought about painting a tartan pattern kilt, but knew that I don't have the skill, so settled for plain black. It meant I finished Wildman quite quickly and right now, with so many minis to paint from so many games, completing stuff is key. Anyway, another cool looking James Van Schaik sculpt which I am sure many can't wait to use in their own Teams.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Pulp City SE Kickstarter Final Hours

As I type this there are approximately 32 hours to go for the Pulp City SE Kickstarter project, and we have been awed by the tremendous response of our backers.

Based on the support the project has had so far, Maciej has commissioned a number of sculpts before we conclude, which would not have happened without the positive response we have seen. As well as Cro Mag and Soul Golem, sculpts have been created for other minis unlocked as stretch goals, and work continues on yet more as we look toward delivery in a few months.

Rosie 'Baby' Rude (top) is another Powerhouse, an independent Hero who has possibly the best Knockback Actions in the game; excellent for control of objectives.

Below Rosie is Amok, a martial artist whose body houses a spirit of rage-fueled violence; he attempts to use meditative techniques to quell the anger within, but more often that rage spills out. Amok can feature for The Way, but also can give in to his darker side.

Then we have Grimm Lee Chan; a Grimm who has become fascinated by chop-socky movies and their stars. His sense of honour has drawn him towards The Way. All backers at Supreme level and above receive Grimm Lee Chan for free.

Next up is the Toxic Grimmvenger. An unfortunate Grimm whose body has been further mutated following a toxic spill. That accident left him with dangerous powers which Grimmsham (the human leader of the Grimm) uses to sow terror among hapless Citizens.

Finally there are Grimminions; the tiniest examples of the Grimm species, these little critters are everywhere that other Grimm go, and can be a terrible nuisance when found in large numbers.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Pulp City SE Kickstarter - Final 7 Days

Pulp City: Supreme Edition -- Kicktraq MiniAs I type this we a 7 days and a few hours from the end of the Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter project. It has been an amazing journey for the Pulp Monsters crew, and has provoked developments for the KS delivery period as well as future developments for the game.

We are currently just over $82,000 with just under 400 backers. We have one or two more surprises to come before the project ends, so keep an eye out for further updates and news.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Pulp City SE Kickstarter -13 Days Remain!

We have 13 days remaining (after which normal blogging service will resume!), and I thought I would take a moment to link to Kicktraq.

Kicktraq is an independent site which looks at KS projects, and shows data such as number of backers, amount pledges, number of comments per day and so forth. It aggregates much of that data to compile 'Hot Lists', and Pulp City Supreme Edition (click for Kicktraq link) has featured at several times on the Tabletop Games Hot List.

If any other bloggers are interested in supporting the Pulp City SE Kickstarter, even if you are not backing it, please think about showing off the Kicktraq mini chart (see below for an example) and linking to the Pulp City Kicktraq page (click for link), as doing so may help promote us on Kicktraq, and push on to further success!

Pulp City: Supreme Edition -- Kicktraq Mini

Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Guerilla - Free Add-on For Pulp City SE Kickstarter

For the Valentine's weekend (we have spread the love across a few days!), the brand-new not yet released sculpt of Guerilla is available as a free add-on at Supreme pledge level and above.

Pulp City SE (click for link)

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