Sunday, 23 November 2014

Comte Vendredi

Comte Vendredi
Villain, Support, Level 2, Mystery 
40 mm

It has been far too long since my last painted Pulp City mini. I can only apologise!

Comte Vendredi is a minor spirit who has grasped power within the Coven, with particular mastery over the ranks of the Dead Guard. The mini depicts the tiny entity atop the shoulder of a Dead Guard host/platform.

In game terms, Comte Vendredi is a formidable and very durable Level 2 Support, especially when compared to comparable Level 2 Support models in other Factions.

I knew in general terms how I wanted to tackle Comte Vendredi as soon as I saw the mini, however when I started painting it my choice of green felt wrong, and that stalled motivation, until I over-painted the green with a different shade at a much later date, and I knew then how I wanted to proceed.

Comte Vendredi is the 120th Pulp City mini that I have painted. I have just today done a little projection of how many more minis I will need to paint to paint everything currently available now and due with the Kickstarter, plus a couple more duplicates, and it looks like I have a whopping 70 or so minis to go - let alone what future plans we have for further out! I really must start finishing more Pulp City minis much more quickly!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Interceptor #1 (Comic Book Kickstarter)

Not something Pulp City related, but a Kickstarter for a comic book, and something I am happy to support, having backed the previous project by the same crew (Unstoppable Comics). I may be old-fashioned, but my preferences for comics is mostly for action-adventure stories with nice art and satisfying story. Unstoppable Origins #4 met that for me, and I am sure Interceptor #1 will too. Just a project I wanted to draw attention too, and they are more than halfway funded.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Another 'welcome to the blog' post, this time to Second Class Elitist; thanks very much for signing up. Without visitors and most importantly Followers, I would not still be doing this blog or the other two hobby blogs I run, so thank you again to Second Class Elitist and everyone else, as ever.

On the Pulp City front is has felt like a long year of not very much painting for me. I keep promising to get more painted, and other stuff other other games eat into that time. I really am hoping to try and rectify that a little in the next two months, but I have said things like that before, so time will tell.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallowe'en Madness 2014

Pictures by Rob and me. Ape Statue by Rob. Minis by me (except Ninja Apes by Rob). Gaming by the both of us!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Chain Actions & Chain Activations

While we retained the alternating Activations of the original game, what we chose to do was create the opportunity for key moments where momentum can suddenly shift - if your preparations are right, that is!

Normally during your Turn you can Activate a Supreme and in addition Command a Minion card.

A Supreme can normally use between 1 and 3 Actions. Only 1 Action may be an Exclusive Action (those Actions on the card), although a second Exclusive Action may be used if it is Combinable. Move Actions may be used in addition and/or in place of the basic Exclusive Action. Of course, all rules are made to be broken!
Chain Action Example (Figure 1): Some models have their own rules that allow the Actions limit per Activation to be exceeded. Chronin's Time Control Power allows her to Combine any number of Action in a single Activation, allowing her to theoretically use 5 Actions (2 Moves, and up to 3 Exclusive Actions). This can be extended further if she is lucky with her Flurry Action!

And of course, the rule about Activating a single Supreme in a Turn can be broken too!
Chain Activation Example (Figure 2): It is the start of the Round and the Heroes have won the Starting Roll against the Ulthar. Trail (1) starts the Hero Turn using Mind Strike against Stormblades. As Trail had not yet Activated this Turn, thanks to his A Second Ahead Power, a Friendly model may Activate. Dead Eye (2) Moves in and uses his Power Smash. If Stormblades is still standing, then with Dead Eye's Tactics Power Jade Hawk could Activate (3), Moving in to Attack with her Death Claw. And of course Stinger may use his Power to swap places with Stormblades....

Monday, 6 October 2014

Looking To The Future

Inside cover
Before I resume posts about the new rules in the next couple of weeks, I wanted to flag up one of the cool things I think we have done with the new book. There is more fluff than last time. Much, much more.

This time around we have told the story from the perspective of the various key Factions, so that will give more insight into the who, what, and why of your favourite Supreme Teams. More than just that, we also take a look into the future in more ways than one. We drop some hints that may take a bit of digging to find, and that connect some of the dots of what we plan for the future of the Pulp City storyline and new Factions, while also revealing a good number of Supremes not seen before and that we plan to introduce in the future. So to anyone picking the book up - from the KS or when the book is available through retail after fulfilment is complete -we hope you will find some pleasant surprises!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Okey dokey, another 'welcome' goes out, this time to supers and 7TV fan Blaxkleric of the Fantorical blog (click for link). Thanks for signing up, and I will be Following Blaxxcleric's own updates from now on!

There will be a Pulp City SE post tomorrow, nothing major, but just so you guys know. :)
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