Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 1, Nature
30 mm

Painted Pulp City mini in my collection number 122 all present and correct! Grimmrock was started at the same time as Toxic Grimmvenger and Supreme Grimm. I blocked out the skin-tone on Supreme Grimm, Grimmrock and Spartagrimm all at the same time, then focused on finishing Toxic Grimmvenger, before moving on to each of the others in turn. It has proven productive to do that, with 3 minis that were finished in 8 days (the dates of posting does not reflect when they were finished). After Spartagrimm (to be finished soon I hope) I plan to tackle TINY!, John Grimmsham and maybe the Grimmbiote soon, and maybe The Big Grimmowski, which would give me a painted Grimm force of 17 or 18 Levels, so basically plenty to choose from!

It feels nice to be getting caught up on my Pulp City painting at last.

In game terms Grimmrock is a Tank, like Hooligrimm. That is where the similarities end. While both pretty tough and hard-hitting for lowly level 1 Supremes, Grimmrock is more defensively orientated, while Hooligrimm is definitely more offensively orientated. What that underlines I think, is the sheer wealth of variety the Grimm have to offer as a Team.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Supreme Grimm

Supreme Grimm
Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 1, Nature
30 mm

My second Pulp City mini this year! Another Grimm joins the gribbly ranks of the under-dwelling empire. Like every other Grimm, Supreme Grimm is influenced by what he saw in human popular culture, and in his case he adopted a mask and cape to accompany his Supreme powers.

This was a lovely little model to paint, as it was quick and simple which is a contrast to some other minis I have tackled this year. Being able to finish a couple of models within a few days of each other was a real pleasure. As a consequence I have more Grimm ready for painting on the horizon, so hopefully their ranks will start to fill out pretty soon.

Supreme Grimm is a Speeder, and potentially a surprising one for opponents as he has an Overrun that works off his AGL Trump. He can also provide Power Up dice for an ally in BtB each Round, so he is a mix of team support, objective grabber, and attacker; he is not brilliant at any of those functions, but is a good all-rounder. He is also well worth considering in a Dark Solar all-Nature team: offering extra Power Up dice to Dark Solar, Perun or Father Oak is a frightening proposition.

In game terms Grimm are an unusual proposition. They have two available Level 3 Supremes, and all the rest, like Supreme Grimm, are Level 1. That means they are more fragile individually than the usual mix of Level 1 and Level 2 Supremes, and given they can appear in strong numbers, they can be prone to falling in groups to Rays, Pulses and Overruns. Rob and I hope to do a battle report with them later in the year - we even have a title ready!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Toxic Grimmvenger

Toxic Grimmvenger
Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 1, Science
30 mm

My first Pulp City mini of the year - Toxic Grimmvenger - and my first finished Pulp City mini in almost seven months. Wow - far too long (how often do I end up typing variations on those words?). However, he is the 121st Pulp City mini I have painted, so at least the total has grown. Hopefully the next few weeks will see a few more additions to the painted minis selection!

After some months of inertia a package of new stuff finally arrived with ye Citizen, and yesterday I prepped 6 Supremes and 2 Minions. Among those Supremes were 4 of the new Grimm unleashed from the Kickstarter, and I saw them as a way to kick-start my Pulp City painting. The first finished was Toxic Grimmvenger, mainly because I intentionally focused more on him while doing base colours on the others, and also because he had a very simple paint scheme. I could have used more variety of colours on the various objects embedded into his body, but I wanted to complete the painting quickly and satisfactorily, and I am pretty pleased with how he turned out given that it was a quick turnaround for me.

In game terms Toxic Grimmvenger is an interesting proposition; he is one of currently three Brawlers for the Grimm, and each is functionally different. Of the three, Toxic Grimmvenger is probably the hardest hitting simply because he can easily generate 3 dice, or 4 dice with TINY! in play, without considering extra dice from situational Combat Bonuses. Couple that with a range of Attacks from a cheap and basic Damaging close combat Action to a ranged option to a Damage 2 close combat Action, and he offers real threat against other Supremes, even those of Level 2 or 3.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Urgent Reminder - Pulp City SE Kickstarter

It has been very rewarding for us to see most of our backers getting to grips with their pledge rewards, but we still get a small number of enquiries across all areas of social media about pledges that have not yet arrived. We need to get those closed off as soon as possible.

This kind of delay has usually been due to:
  • Shipping not being paid, or
  • Pledge Manager document not being returned

Please, if you have not yet had your pledge arrive, AND if you are not already in contact with Karol or had notification of shipping, please email Karol using the following address to discuss your pledge:

kickstarter at pulpmonsters dot com
Link to Kickstarter update

Thank you from the Pulp Monsters team. :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pulp City SE FAQ's & Errata

The journey to get Pulp City SE published was a long one, taking over 3 years from the initial ideas we had about the revisions we wanted in the core mechanics to getting the book into fan's hands.

In the process we wrote and wrote, then edited, edited, and edited again. And still the odd mistake slipped through!

Accordingly, we will be maintaining a living FAQ and Errata, updated as issues arise (we hope these are not too many!).

The living FAQ and Errata will be featured on the Pulp City Forum, and fairly soon on the website. In the mean-time I will also be hosting it here in one of the pages in the header: click for link.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leaders (Roles)

A while back I briefly explained about the new Roles that have been added to Pulp City, now I thought I would take a closer look at Leaders and  what they do.

Unlike most other Supremes, Leaders will be the focal point of building your Team - if you choose a Leader, then it is likely you will be choosing a particular Faction or Alignment of models to select around them.

A Leader typically has HP equivalent to Level 2 Tanks, give or take. However, they usually have a better set of defensive Traits. So what you have is a slightly more durable model than most combat-focused Level 2's, yet at a higher cost (Level 3 for the most part; ARC's Primates of Power are something quite different).

Because Leaders offer a mix of Team boosts, their array of Attacks is usually more limited than the combat oriented roles such as Blasters and Brawlers, but most Leaders can pack a hefty punch one way or another.

Where things get very interesting is through Leader Cards, which is why these Supremes have the cost that they do. These cards offers bonuses and extra resources such as AP or Power Up dice; they allow you to customise how your Leader will shape your Team.

One Leader Card in particular (Honorary Member) allows your Team to include a Supreme as though it belongs to the same Faction as the Leader, which opens up a massive array of choices. If you think your Faction has a weakness best covered by a Supreme not normally available, you can take Honorary Member to get around that. Have you always imagined Vector in Heavy Metal or Kitty Cheshire in the CovenHonorary Member allows that.

If the Leader meets the requirements they may also take a Faction card which usually provides a pivotal boost to the Team; but timing is everything as these are often one-Round deals.

Leaders pack in a lot of utility for a Team. They may not be the hardest hitting models, but they can unlock massive potential for their Teams, and now with Pulp City SE they are a lot easier to bring to the table than before.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beasts of War Weekender ft. Pulp City

Pulp City has been featured on the latest Beasts of War Weekender. The discussion about Pulp City is around 25:00 minutes in. Thanks for the feature to the Beast of War guys.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Week and Pulp City Pledges

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