Thursday, 4 February 2016


Another 'welcome' post to a Follower, this time to kitrok, thanks for signing up! It is reassuring to know that someone may take time to peruse the blog.

This year I hope to get more painted for Pulp City, and I would love to hit the 150 minis mark in total from the range. After the past couple of years output, that may not seem viable in 2016, but I hope to get off to a strong start and get some Minions painted up this month - I have started work on my Grimminions! If I can get those done in February I will be very pleased. I have also started work on Robo-chimp, so I certainly hope to add a few more Minion options very soon, and maybe another half-dozen painted minis in the next month or two.

From Pulp Monsters, Scarab and Bigfoot should appear in-store very soon after a number of hurdles had to be overcome, but are now surmounted!

Anyhoo, stay tuned!

Sunday, 31 January 2016


My first Pulp City mini of the year! Painting Grimmbiote was nice and quick which was pleasant after losing some momentum late in 2015. Gripped by some impetus I decided to see this through which took a little over an hour or so.

This is the second Grimmbiote I have painted, the first was my contribution to a minis exchange last year and was done in red and black to evoke the colours of a certain symbiote-villain. I eschewed the obvious colour scheme to go for something that would look 'right' (to me!) alongside the rest of my Grimm. It also meant I could make a head-start on a few other Grimm models at the same time. The recent Grimm focus has reason for a battle report game Rob and I have planned for later in the year....

In game terms, Grimmbiote can be a surprising threat as far as Infiltrator's go: he has Rending Slash which has Damage 2 as its basic FX. He adds +1 die to Strength Actions. Ideally, leave Grimmbiote in Base to Base with terrain and use Grimmbiotic Webbing to Pull a Target model closer, benefiting from the bonus die from Wall-crawler, hitting them with Rending Slash in the same Activation!

Hero/Villain, Infiltrator, Level 1, Nature
30 mm

Friday, 29 January 2016


A quick welcome to the blog post: welcome aboard Jan Ferris! Thanks for following and taking time to check things out.

On the hobby front, I have just finished my first Pulp City mini of the year and have a few others with their main skin colour blocked out, so I expect to get a few things done in the next few weeks.

Behind scenes for the Pulp Monsters team, we have been doing proof-reads for all the Cold War Kickstarter cards, we have allocated the first artists for some of the Cold War Supreme Genesis characters, and on the web-site we have started a weekly series of Spotlight articles (click for link).

Friday, 1 January 2016

Pulp Citizen In 2015

Another year over and a few more minis added to the collection!

I didn't paint as many Pulp City minis in 2015 as I hoped (I aimed for 12 and managed 10), but on the up-side I did add a couple of Leaders, another Powerhouse and a number of Grimm.

In 2016 I am setting the same goal, but I hope it will feel more achievable since in 2015 all of those minis were painted in the second half of the year.

2015 also saw the second Pulp City Kickstarter campaign, which was a very nice success, adding two new whole Factions to the range. If anyone has the belief that running a Kickstarter campaign is easy, I would say it is anything but, and that was with four of us contributing (well done to all of us - Maciej, Devon and Melvin).

So, time to look forward to the year ahead!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas From the Pulp Citizen

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a great festive period.

No new Christmas Madness this year due to time constraints for Rob and me both, but be sure that we are already hatching a  plan for next year and already have a pun-tastic subtitle picked out!

So in the spirit of Christmas where classics are shown every year, it seems only apt to feature the Christmas Madness reports form previous years!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mr. Kraken

Mr. Kraken is the 130th mini I have painted for my own Pulp City collection, and after losing a lot of painting momentum overall in the past month or so, it has been nice to get another mini finished, especially for Pulp City and more especially for the Forgotten.

The paint job was done pretty quickly simply because I needed to feel as though I had finished something. I struggled with some of the highlighting to be honest, but it is done.

As soon as we devised the concept of Mr. Kraken I knew it was a mini I would look forward to painting - who doesn't like the idea of a Lovecraftian corporate raider!

In game terms, Mr. Kraken is a Blaster whose Actions offer Damage, Mind Control and Suppress as FX. He also excels at targeting models with Trump MIND (who often will also have Trump SPIRIT, the Trait which defends against his Actions). Like all members of the forgotten, Mr. Kraken is a dangerous proposition - their downside as a team is that they are mostly Level 2 Supremes, meaning they will often be outnumbered, and they will often struggle to generate AP without good planning. His biggest weakness will be his low non-Trump AGILITY, making him a ripe target for sniper types who can stand off at good range (such as Gentleman, Ba-Boom and Trojan).

Mr. Kraken
Villain, Blaster, Level 2, Mystery
40 mm

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Another 'welcome to the blog' post, this time to Willem-Jan Bertram. Thanks very much for signing up!

Time for a quick hobby update: I still want to add a few more painted minis to my own collection before the end of the year. I recently prepared minis for the A.R.C., Grimm and Forgotten, so hopefully they will see some progress before too long. :)
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