Saturday, 30 April 2016

Grimminions (4-5)

My final Grimminions are done! I started all five Grimminions at the same time, then focused on the three I thought would be easiest to finish first, with every intention of finishing the other two a week or so later. That was a couple of months ago....

Anyway, the little guy with the traffic cone on his head got some work done while waiting for paint to dry on another mini, and so made some quick progress. That just left the limited edition Kickstarter exclusive Grimminion on its mono-wheel, the most complex of the bunch due to the different 'bits' of the model, and which I finished today. That now takes me to a 'full' card of Grimminions, which can be surprisingly formidable to an unsuspecting opponent; the more there are, the higher value their key Traits of Strength, Defense and Agility become; in effect the Grimminions are treated as one model in terms of making an Attack, but with the option of which model it comes from, and as noted, with high Trait values backing it up.

Finishing the Grimminions is pleasing both in terms of having more painted Grimm (yay!) and finishing more Minions (also yay!). This takes me to 136 painted Pulp City minis, and halfway to the modest target of 12 Pulp City minis for the year which I set at the outset. I'd like to get a couple more Powerhouses done soon, including TINY!

Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 2+ Minions
30 mm

Saturday, 26 March 2016



Great news for Pulp Citizens – we have just added six new packs to the web-store. This sees Pulp City return to a more regular release schedule, and we will announce the planned calendar for further new releases soon – there will be some surprises, including the return of some familiar faces!

Bigfoot (click for link)

Bigfoot is a very hard-hitting Infiltrator; mounted on a 40 mm base and packing Trump Strength 6, he can wreak havoc with your foes and is an ideal addition to a Hero Team.


Pixels (which come as a pack of 3 Pixels and a Mega Pixel!) come in 5 different colours and are Exclusive Minions which start the game in play with Vector, who can then Summon extra Pixels if needed, replacing them almost as quickly as they are lost! They give bonuses depending on whether they are attached to a Friendly model (defensive bonus) or Enemy model (offensive bonus). In addition, 3 small Pixels can be combined to a single Mega Pixel, allowing Vector to then Summon up to two more Pixels!

Pixels are available in the following colours (shown in blue above; all minis in the pack are the same colour)

Blue (link)
Neon Green (link)
Orange (link)
Red (link)
Yellow (link)

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Spotlights on the Web-site

Just a heads up to say that we have started posting weekly 'Spotlight' articles to the web-site (currently every Friday).

Each Spotlight is a taster intro which looks at a specific Supreme or pair such as the upcoming Father Oak and Acorn, giving a brief taste of who they are or how they came to be, and a tactical overview of their capabilities as well as synergies that may be useful including less obvious ones.

Jade Hawk has been the most recent example, but be sure to check them out!

Monday, 7 March 2016


A warm welcome aboard post going out to flags_of_war and Choong Li - thanks very much for taking he time to look at the blog, it is really appreciated. :)

On the hobby front, I have not finished anything for Pulp City since the Grimminions, but this month I hope to add a least a couple more painted minis to the collection, and have started work on Chernobog (alternative-Perun), Robo-Chimp and the two remaining Grimmions, so hopefully from among them something should be finished soon. I am also itching to round of both Jade Cult and The Way soon, so I hope to get some momentum under way.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Pulp City Reviews On Brummie's Wargaming Blog

The excellent Brummie's Wargaming Blog has been running reviews of a few core Pulp City products this week.

Brummie's reviews (click headings for links):

They are a great introduction and overview of the 3 products, and are worth checking out if you would like to find out more!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Grimminions (1-3)

Some more Pulp City painting is done! This year I am determined to paint more Pulp City minis than last year, and within that get a few more Minions done for variety. The Grimminions are a nice easy win on both counts, being small and simple to paint.

Grimmionions are the smallest Grimm morphotypes commonly seen, with each as varied in its fixations as the larger Grimm. A card of Grimminions comprises 2-5 Grimminion models, and becomes more powerful as the number included is increased. On the downside, each card may only make one Attack Action per Activation, but with a potential Strength 6 Strike from a card of 5, plus likley Mobbing bonus from the group, then they can be a significant threat even against Tanks until the number of Grimminions is whittled down.

After these 3 minis, I have 2 more Grimminions to finish which are both slightly more complex than these, either due to colours, or in the case of the mono-wheel due to 'extras' on the mini. I am building up Grimm options ahead of a battle report planned for the end of the year. After the Grimminions, I really need to tackle Grimmsham and TINY!

Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 2+ Minions
30 mm

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Another 'welcome' post to a Follower, this time to kitrok, thanks for signing up! It is reassuring to know that someone may take time to peruse the blog.

This year I hope to get more painted for Pulp City, and I would love to hit the 150 minis mark in total from the range. After the past couple of years output, that may not seem viable in 2016, but I hope to get off to a strong start and get some Minions painted up this month - I have started work on my Grimminions! If I can get those done in February I will be very pleased. I have also started work on Robo-chimp, so I certainly hope to add a few more Minion options very soon, and maybe another half-dozen painted minis in the next month or two.

From Pulp Monsters, Scarab and Bigfoot should appear in-store very soon after a number of hurdles had to be overcome, but are now surmounted!

Anyhoo, stay tuned!
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