Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Bramble is one of the first Supreme Genesis characters that we have gained capacity to create through running Kickstarter campaigns for Pulp City. She was also a mini I was very much looking forward to tackling as a change of pace from a lot of recent stuff I have finished, especially in terms of colour palette. It has also meant my painting this month has been exclusively for my own Pulp City collection and it has been a long while since I last did that.

I went for a super-simple colour scheme featuring browns and greens for obvious reasons. Once I had laid down base colours I was unable to paint for a couple of weeks, which maybe helped me when it came to finishing her off as I was able to do the main work quite quickly in the end, maybe with fresh eyes.

In game terms Bramble is an Infiltrator affiliated with Settler's Green, and is also a Freelancer. That makes Dead Eye and Dark Solar ideal Leader options for her Team. Her Actions give ranged threat as well as some board control, and I think she will offer some interesting options and surprises for players as they get to grips with her. Hopefully we will be able to add more Supremes to Settler's Green before too long.

Hero/Villain, Infiltrator, Level 1, Nature
30 mm

Monday, 28 November 2016

Cyber Dogs

My first Pulp City minis for a while, and back to the Minion focus I have had this year. I have been struggling for painting motivation in general in the last few weeks, so needed a 'quick win', which the Cyber Dogs were perfect for.

We were able to produce the Cyber Dogs due to the great success of the Cold War Kickstarter, and they have a neat rule function in that each Dog brings a separate boost which affects the whole game card of Minions, which can be bought as 2, 4 or 6 Levels (1, 2 or 3 models).

I went for a quick and done approach simply to regain some momentum as mentioned, and I hope it brings me back to some more regular painting. I still hope to finish at least a couple more Pulp City minis before year end, but even if I don't, it has been a much better year after the previous two years' outputs. This also takes past 150 painted Pulp City minis, so high time I did another 'all my painted collection' post!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pulp City New Releases

The November wave of new Pulp City releases is here! This month we continue new releases as well as putting the first selection of Cold War minis into the web-store (all from the Supreme Alliance).

Twilight (new; Level 2, Coven and The Way) €8.00
Bramble (Level 2, Settler's Green and Freelancer) €8.00
Spybreaker (Level 3, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Aquanaut (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Battlesuit 7  (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
E.C.T.O. (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Sabotage (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00

With this wave, we are trying something new, recognising that recent changes around the world have affected our fans. Therefore, we are happy to launch this wave of minis at a temporarily reduced price - each at €8.00 instead of the usual €9.95. This offer will last until the next wave is released! :)

BONUS: Pulp City fans can now pick up alt cards for Arquero, Chernobog, Perun  (Cold War), Sister Bedlam and Tangent (Red Republik) through the 'Special Cards' item on the store!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Want new releases? Pulp City has got 'em!

New in store this week are a new sculpt for Androida and the Supreme Genesis character called Dr. Warlock. We are really happy to finally resume what will be regular releases for the range, starting with these two great Supremes.

First up is Androida (new) – an updated version of the classic Supreme Hero. Androida was one of the first models sculpted for the Pulp City range, and we are very pleased to be able to give her a new sculpt. Coupled with her new sculpt, Androida's storyline continues to evolve, and the new mini comes with upgraded rules making her a Level 2 Supreme and the first character with the new Field Commander Power (think Leader-lite).

Dr. Warlock joins Androida as the second of our new releases this month. Dr. Warlock is one of the Supreme Genesis characters which were created thanks to our first Kickstarter. Thought-up by the inimitable Drew Wood, this incarnation of his character has inherited mysterious power which he is using to protect Pulp City in its time of need.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Ankle Biters (Minions)

Ankle Biters done! I tackled these now as I was starting to lose some motivation and momentum on the Citizens, so I needed to finish something different to keep myself going. Thankfully the Ankle Biters offered a pretty quick turnaround. On another plus side, painting them is in line with my intention to paint more Minions this year.

I kept the painting scheme pretty simple as the most important thing for me was simply finishing 'something'. That helped them get finished fairly quickly and my renewed motivation has extended to prepping some more minis (Including Voicelings!), which was a nice bonus. These two are my 146th and 147th painted Pulp City minis, taking me a step closer to the 'magic 150'.

Ankle Biters have been appearing in increasing numbers on the streets of Pulp City, and many assume Mysterious Man is responsible for their creation, but rumour has it that he now has a rival in his field.

In game terms Ankle Biters are nice simple Level 1 Brawler Minions. They are best used in tandem, ganging up on a single opposing model, preferably with added Momentum bonus (they can each roll 3 to 4 dice then if attacking the same model). If you can trigger an EFX, they become especially dangerous as one of their EFX options is Fatigue, meaning these lowly Minions can potentially lock even a mighty Supreme in place.

I really need to get a Minion-heavy Mysterious Man Team onto the table soon to use all the wacky options at his disposal!

Ankle Biters
Hero/Villain, Brawler, Level 1 Minions
30 mm

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Citizens pt 1 - Pets

I am long overdue painting up some Citizens, having in the past relied on acrylic token stand-ins - (which are great, but aren't painted minis!).

I have also been in danger of losing painting momentum recently, (that may not be apparent to readers, I am just in one of those phases of finding painting 'hard to do' at times), so a quick win was always going to be a good motivator, which is why I decided to start with the Pets.

In-game, Citizens are used for Agendas, and there a variety of scoring conditions which can be selected from. They are nice a simple to use and manage during games, so are well worth a try.

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Another 'welcome to the Pulp Citizen blog' post, this time greeting Sander van Straeten, a name familiar to me from certain minis groups. Thanks for Following the blog Sander. :)

On the hobby front I have been too tired for painting this week, but have been assembling and undercoating a few minis: White Tiger, Feartigo and two Ankle Biters. Hopefully i will manage to do some painting before the weekend is concluded. :)
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