Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pulp City SE FAQ's & Errata

The journey to get Pulp City SE published was a long one, taking over 3 years from the initial ideas we had about the revisions we wanted in the core mechanics to getting the book into fan's hands.

In the process we wrote and wrote, then edited, edited, and edited again. And still the odd mistake slipped through!

Accordingly, we will be maintaining a living FAQ and Errata, updated as issues arise (we hope these are not too many!).

The living FAQ and Errata will be featured on the Pulp City Forum, and fairly soon on the website. In the mean-time I will also be hosting it here in one of the pages in the header: click for link.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leaders (Roles)

A while back I briefly explained about the new Roles that have been added to Pulp City, now I thought I would take a closer look at Leaders and  what they do.

Unlike most other Supremes, Leaders will be the focal point of building your Team - if you choose a Leader, then it is likely you will be choosing a particular Faction or Alignment of models to select around them.

A Leader typically has HP equivalent to Level 2 Tanks, give or take. However, they usually have a better set of defensive Traits. So what you have is a slightly more durable model than most combat-focused Level 2's, yet at a higher cost (Level 3 for the most part; ARC's Primates of Power are something quite different).

Because Leaders offer a mix of Team boosts, their array of Attacks is usually more limited than the combat oriented roles such as Blasters and Brawlers, but most Leaders can pack a hefty punch one way or another.

Where things get very interesting is through Leader Cards, which is why these Supremes have the cost that they do. These cards offers bonuses and extra resources such as AP or Power Up dice; they allow you to customise how your Leader will shape your Team.

One Leader Card in particular (Honorary Member) allows your Team to include a Supreme as though it belongs to the same Faction as the Leader, which opens up a massive array of choices. If you think your Faction has a weakness best covered by a Supreme not normally available, you can take Honorary Member to get around that. Have you always imagined Vector in Heavy Metal or Kitty Cheshire in the CovenHonorary Member allows that.

If the Leader meets the requirements they may also take a Faction card which usually provides a pivotal boost to the Team; but timing is everything as these are often one-Round deals.

Leaders pack in a lot of utility for a Team. They may not be the hardest hitting models, but they can unlock massive potential for their Teams, and now with Pulp City SE they are a lot easier to bring to the table than before.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beasts of War Weekender ft. Pulp City

Pulp City has been featured on the latest Beasts of War Weekender. The discussion about Pulp City is around 25:00 minutes in. Thanks for the feature to the Beast of War guys.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Week and Pulp City Pledges

Monday, 16 February 2015

Impudent Mortal's Warehouse District Kickstarter

This Kickstarter (click for link) project launched today and is already funded. The Impudent Mortal (a.k.a.Walt Langhans) is a friend of the Pulp Monsters team, so we are pleased to support this!

The campaign is designed to develop a range of laser cut MDF items of Warehouse District terrain designed for 28mm-35mm table top miniatures.

The terrain will be ideal for games of Pulp City, Batman Miniatures Game, or other contemporary urban games like Heroclix (there are 1.5 inch grid options which sound HC-friendly), Spinespur, or Zombie gaming I reckon. Well worth checking out. While I wasn't planning to back many KS projects this year, this I one that I had to support and I look forward to seeing it grow.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pulp Citizen: 2014 Reflections, And The Year Ahead

First of all, I want to say once more a big thank you to everyone who Follows the Pulp Citizen, everyone who reads the blog, and most of all those who Comment on the blog - any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

2014 was an interesting year for me. Not as much time for 'hobby stuff' as I would like as I was involved in an academic course, as well as working as part of the team around Kickstarter fulfilment, but I still managed a little painting and some gaming.

In 2014 I painted far fewer minis overall than the year before, which was to be expected but was fewer than I initially hoped for. Pulp City took a real hit in productivity for me: I only painted 4 minis in 2014, against 14 the year before. I hop 2015 is much more productive.

In the year ahead, like the rest of the team I am looking forward to completion of the Kickstarter fulfilment. I am also looking forward to attending Salute with other members of the Pulp Monsters team, as well playing as the annual games I post as battle reports.

For all visitors to the blog, thank you, and here is to seeing what the year ahead brings.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Madness 2014: The Snowman Cometh

It is time once more for...Christmas Madness!

As ever, thanks to Rob for the majority of the pictures, and especially The Snowman (can you guess where inspiration came from?). As with every year, Rob adds something else for these games, and it makes them so much fun.

Click on the pics to enlarge them

And if anyone is wondering, yes, we have already started to plan for next year!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Comte Vendredi

Comte Vendredi
Villain, Support, Level 2, Mystery 
40 mm

It has been far too long since my last painted Pulp City mini. I can only apologise!

Comte Vendredi is a minor spirit who has grasped power within the Coven, with particular mastery over the ranks of the Dead Guard. The mini depicts the tiny entity atop the shoulder of a Dead Guard host/platform.

In game terms, Comte Vendredi is a formidable and very durable Level 2 Support, especially when compared to comparable Level 2 Support models in other Factions.

I knew in general terms how I wanted to tackle Comte Vendredi as soon as I saw the mini, however when I started painting it my choice of green felt wrong, and that stalled motivation, until I over-painted the green with a different shade at a much later date, and I knew then how I wanted to proceed.

Comte Vendredi is the 120th Pulp City mini that I have painted. I have just today done a little projection of how many more minis I will need to paint to paint everything currently available now and due with the Kickstarter, plus a couple more duplicates, and it looks like I have a whopping 70 or so minis to go - let alone what future plans we have for further out! I really must start finishing more Pulp City minis much more quickly!
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