Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Summoned Terrain Tokens

Black Swamp and Nuclear Waste, both roughly 6 inches in diameter
Pulp City has always had a few concepts that were not ordered in exact terminology, and one of the things that is happening with the rules revision is catching some of those generic ideas and codifying how the rules operate for them. That in turn should make the game more accessible which is the plan at any rate!

Among those ideas were things we are now going to be calling Summoned Terrain; stuff like the old Black Swamp from the Albino Gator's Curse for Francis Gator, and the old Nuclear Leak for Nuclear Jones.

I showed the WiP's of these a couple of weeks ago, and here they are finished, with poured Magic Water to complete them (which took about twice as long as advertised to set by the way!).

My really big Tokens; Summoned Terrain.


  1. Nice stuff! Multi-purpose too I'd imagine, you could simply use them for terrain bit in other games...if you play other games. :)


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