Friday, 21 September 2012

Ninjas! (Way Of the Fist & Blade)

A loooong while since I posted some newly painted minis, so I was glad to get these done, even if my painting skills were more than a little rusty in completing them.

Hadron has hit a back-burner yet again, but not because of these Ninjas, rather I hit yet another painting block. Therefore I wanted to 'get something done', and these were to hand, so without much further ado I cracked into them. Well I say 'without much further ado', but I did change two of the heads mid-way through.

Ninja Sensei
They were assembled a few weeks ago but inevitably got put to one side. The sculpts are by the brilliant James Van Schaik and are four piece models (head, two arms, body) with two body variations.

When I decided to get stuck into them I had plans for these to represent two rank and file Ninjas and their Sensei, but part-way through I changed my mind as to which model should represent the Sensei, so heads were swapped around a bit and one taken out (bare-head for the Sensei, swapped for a wraparound goggles head and a different goggles head was put onto one of the other Ninjas).

These guys are intended to be some 'good guy' Ninjas, therefore probably linked to the loose collection of Supremes known as the Way of the Fist & Blade. Since the pivotal figure in that collective is Crimson Oni, I wanted a colour scheme to match him. Highlighting the dark body-suit was challenging and probably shows off my current painting rustiness most of all. Still they are done and that is the main thing for me.

Way of the Fist & Blade Ninjas with Crimson Oni
I will be doing more Ninjas and Sensei in the future (for the Jade Cult), and they will have the more traditional masks and probably bare heads for Sensei. They will look a little more uniform in that respect I expect. And there should be many more them...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Styx; much appreciated. Not my best work, but hopefully I can get back into the painting habit and things will pick up.

  2. Looking great.
    I love the Ninja models and you have made them look stunning


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