Tuesday, 4 September 2012


This latest 'welcome to the blog' goes to Styx, who I am familiar with through the great forum Lead Adventure Forum (we both frequent the superhero adventures section!) and also his own blog Dice of Legends. Styx also runs two other blogs: Army of the Week and Strange Aeons Adventures, both of which I will be Following.

Thanks a lot to Styx for taking the time to sign up, I really appreciate it.

On the Pulp City front, we now have 32 of the current range of Supremes (roughly 75-80 Supremes with some additional profile variations) in closed beta play-test and each one to two weeks will be seeing more added to that total, so hopefully before the end of October all current Supremes will be into closed beta.

What this mean is that the open beta will follow some time after that - which to me is a very good and exciting thing: moving to a position where the fruits of the past year of labour between Maciej, Devon, Melvin and me reaches fruition.

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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to seeing more!


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