Battle Reports

I have created a few Battle Reports, and more recently have been using the Comic Life software to present them.

The link above takes readers to a selection of all Battle Reports.

Two annual traditions of themed Battle Reports have also begun, mainly thanks to the inspiration of my main gaming buddy:

Christmas Madness

Hallowe'en Madness

I have taken to using a product called Comic Life to create my most recent Battle Reports and thoroughly recommend it to anyone with similar tastes and plans.

The current list of my Comic Life created Battle Reports (click for links):

Hallowe'en Madness III: The Dead Walk

Christmas Madness 2012: The Revenge of Bad Santa

Hallowe'en Madness II: Terror in the Old West

Christmas Madness 2011 - The Return Of Bad Santa

Christmas Madness (2010 - Redux)

Hallowe'en Madness 2011

Dockyard Showdown

Invasion: UK

The Souls of Merlin's Reach

When Rampages The Beast!

Seize The Isotopes! - Redux

Rooftop Rumble!
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