Saturday 29 October 2011

ARC (Sub-faction)

Click on the picture to make embiggenified.
Despite finally finishing Guerilla in July, I have yet to post my ARC minis collectively, so being long-overdue, here you are.

The ARC are freedom fighters to some, militant paramilitaries to others. Opertaing out of the abandoned Pulp City Zoo they have been known to work alongside both Heroes and Villains around the city, all the while pursuing their own agendas. Their leadership is currently formed by the sometimes-conflicting ideologies of Guerilla and Dr. Red - will a third prominent ARC member rise to destabilise that unsteady status quo?

The ARC (rear row, left to right):
  • Apebot: inspired creation of ARC, Apebot has forged a close bond with Virus beyond the limits of its basic programming; a real engine of destruction.
  • Dr. Red: tactical and strategic mastermind; rival to Guerilla; wild bomb-throwing enhanced primate.
  • Guerilla: ferocious leader of the revolution; an able fighter at range and close quarters.
  • Silverager: ARC's truest dichotomy - brilliant engineer on the one hand, while within the venerable ape rages a veritable furious beast.
(front row, left to right):
  • Virus: master of electronics, and Apebot's most able handler.
  • Chimp Chi: master of secret Eastern martial Arts; Chimp Chi has rumoured affiliations with the fabled Way of the Fist & Blade.
  • Howler: the most human-culture assimilated member of ARC, Howler spends time away from his team enjoying the opportunities available; gun-wielding action hero.
  • Le Murtiple: arrived in Pulp City from the jungles and cities he terrorised in South America; stealthy self-replicating saboteur.


  1. Wow. They look stunning.
    I was never a fan of ARC but after playing against them this week and seeing them here all together I might have to change my mind

  2. They can be a real wrecking crew, and when they have their Level 3 options available, they could be the most flexible Sub-faction out there, bar none.

  3. "A third ARC leader?"

    Can't say more at this time, except that the options won't necessarily follow the current L3 format.

  4. She's been hinted at before I think....lvl 2 with the option to make her or another a lvl 3....I think....unless I'm thinking of someone else lol

    Oh, and great looking monkeys mate! :)

  5. Red Bella I'm pretty sure her name is.....:)

  6. Is she the one in the back of the Guide?
    I like the new Lvl3 idea if thats how its going to work.
    I do remember reading something about a way to have Dr.Red or Guerilla as a Lvl3 now I think about it

  7. P. 131...could be... ;)

    Sounds like you may be onto something, maybe 4 options....?

  8. Silverager?
    Or someone new?

    All this ARC talk is making me want to go shopping.
    Not got a simgle monkey yet.

  9. Look within the ranks. I didn't say anything.... ;)

  10. So many thoughts.
    I would say Silverager or maybe an upgraded ApeBot.
    But then theres Chimp Chi. Isnt he out looking for her?
    L3 Le Murtiple would be excellent aswell


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