Wednesday, 5 October 2011


A double 'welcome' this time. Thanks for signing up to skywatcher and Ambassador.

Skywatcher is a mention of the Op-For blog collective (blog here); always worth a look and glad to have some of you guys aboard.

I guess Ambassador is a fellow minis fan and so is more than welcome.

On the update front, I haven't been painting much (and I don't count decorating a room in the house as "real painting" contrary to what Mrs. Pulp Citizen may think...), but I can say I have seen the current working draft of the upcoming first Pulp City Annual which will feature the long-awaited Pulp Monsters rules, and it is shaping up very well I reckon. Add in that I can cite at least 16 Supremes and 3 Minion Cards (but maybe only 2 models/kits for those 3 cards...) in current active development, and there is a raft of stuff on the Pulp City horizon, which pleases this fan. All good.

Once again welcome aboard guys and thanks for signing up.


  1. I am indeed a fellow minis fan, mostly modern zombies but supers, pulp era and Wild West, too. Thanks for the welcome!

  2. Cheers Ambassador; I hope my next Battle report helps fulfil expectations by featuring supers and lots of zombies! :)

  3. Looking forward to all the things your working on.
    Do we get any hints at all?

  4. Hints? Hmm.

    Let me just say that if you follow PC on Facebook you have seen the first few concepts of a new Sub-faction (Green Serpent, Ninjas for example), and there should be a much more full complement to come!

    As for the Annual - maybe early 2012?


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