Monday, 31 October 2011


This welcome is for Shelldrake who has just signed up - thanks for doing so. I am guessing that Shelldrake is a minis fan of broad tastes, which is always a good thing in my view! Thanks very much for signing up Shelldrake - highly appreciated that you have done so!

Breadth is one of the strengths of Pulp City in my view; the game combines elements from so many influences (and every games has its influences, of that there is no doubt), so ultimately there is potentially something for everyone.

Which brings me on to ask this wish-listing question to any fans of the game and/or minis line out there:

Other than the stuff known to be coming up, what would you like to see for Pulp City? In minis? Rules? Whatever?

Feel free to comment your answers!


  1. Thanks for the welcome - I hope the other 85 followers received the same :-P

    Wargaming wise I like many things - Historical from Ancients to Modern, a bit of sci-fi, horror and sci-fi. Land, aviation and naval - if the minis are good, and the rules playable, I am interested.

    I have a couple of superhero figures, but haven't done much with them due to the difficulty in ordering them in a way that is cost effective, but really want to do more with the genre.

  2. Everyone gets a welcome post - have no fear!

  3. I would love to see a supreme with wings, some more for the 'Otherside' and 'Forgotten', a Guide errata (to clear some things up), BOOSupreme rules, more fluff (maybe complied in a book?) and the limited models for sale (Grimm, Jane etc)

    And I could keep going! :)

  4. Oh, and the same question on the forums for the non bloggers aswell

  5. I would love to see them expand their support range. Ie cops, minions, cars.

    I also saw a demo game of a 007 type game at a recent show. No reason why Pulp City could not have a major baddie with loads of henchman in bright uniforms. Classic 80s movie style.

  6. Mysterious Man is just the guy for a minion baddie; he is really Minion-focused, and stuff like Crooked Dice or Copplestone henchmen would work very well using the Minion creation rules.

  7. I think that would make an awesome game


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