Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Another 'welcome' goes out, this time to Joe B. Joe is known elsewhere as Dr. Mono, and is a games designer. Most intriguingly for me as a minis fan and a comic book superheroes fan, Joe. B. has been working on a project called Superhuman, which will be a miniatures battles game. All good. I am watching the progress of that with interest, and in the meantime I appreciate the time Joe B. has taken to sign up as a Follower here. Thanks again for doing so, Joe B.

On the subject of 'other' superhero miniatures games, there looks to be potential growth in the area. Of course current offerings include Pulp City, Supersystem (3 editions so far) and Heroclix. A related offering which may be of use to gamers looking for a system to suit their tastes is Atomic Super Humans, a game intended for use with action figures, but surely useful for smaller scaled minis with a moderate amount of tweaking.

And further out on the horizon is the aforementioned Superhuman and also Power Legions from Ganesha Games (the guys behind the various Song of... games amongst others).

So while Pulp City remains my preferred choice, for other gamers with interest in the area it looks like choices will hopefully continue to grow.

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  1. Thanks For the Welcome, SFH!

    I'm a longtime mini gamer and comic fanatic myself, so as I began to dip my toe into game design, Superhuman was an inevitability... and at this point.. the game is mostly done.. finding some sculptors is the big holdup at the moment.

    But I've played Supersystem and Heroclix and own quite a few Pulp City figs... All good rule systems.

    Anyway, I love what you've done with the place... It's great to see blogs dedicated to lesser known games like Pulp City and getting the word out about great games. Awesome job!


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