Thursday, 20 October 2011


This latest 'welcome aboard' is a hearty shout-out to AoM. I can only surmise from a quick glance at AoM's profile that he or she is a minis fan with eclectic tastes - nothing wrong in that then!. As always it is a privilege and a pleasure for me to see new names signing up as Followers, and it is also a helpful spur to continued blogging; so cheers to AoM, cheers to all the other Followers who signed up, and cheers to anyone who happens by.

On other business, I have started to acquire more bits and bobs for the swamp Tokens, so hopefully more on those in due course. I had hoped to get some painting done today(Riposte), however I got side-tracked so that did not happen. On the plus side, I finished the upcoming Battle Report (look for a post in eleven days!), and I finished a bit of non-gaming but gaming related writing that I had been working on for a few days. More on that when I can or cannot say more.

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