Thursday, 20 October 2011

Over The Wire

Over the Wire is Darkson Designs' periodic newsletter featuring updates, frequently asked questions, and new rules and previews for their core games including AE: WWII and AE: Bounty. In addition it has been known to feature material for Pulp City.

I have just submitted an article I hope may make it into a future issue (watch this space if it does), but in the mean-time thought I would draw attention to some of those those OTW issues with Pulp City content.

Issue 7, Sept/Oct 2008
Including all the rules you will need to have Pulp City Supremes battle in the AE-WWII universe.

Issue 15, May/June 2010
Includes trial rules for superheroes in games of AE-WWII.

Issue # 20 April/May 2011
Pulp Monsters’ very own Beermonkey talks about Minions in your Pulp City games, and a Pulp City campaign.

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