Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pulp Monster Project Log (1)

Just like the stalled(!) Hadron Project Log, I thought I would start a Project Log to show any progress I may make with my Pulp Monster models.

The first picture shows a size comparison shot with Giant Hadron and Sgt. Bale!

The usual instruction to click on the pictures to embiggenicate them.

Obviously I have assembled the model, and created a base to mount it on (a recessed blank from Fenris Games, plastic-card for the main texture, sand to fill the remaining gap soon). So the first stages are complete. Cost me buying a brand new compass/circle cutter as I lost my original one somewhere in my recent house-move.

I selected parts that I hope will both fulfil by desire for a vaguely Ulthar-styled Monster, that can hopefully pass as an aquatic Beast (no doubt from ocean depths, whether from Earth or an Ulthar colony), or if not an Earthly or Ulthar creature, that could be considered otherworldly, an example of an arcane Elder menace.

The next stage will be gap-filling with Green Stuff; I had hoped to pick up some GW Liquid Green Stuff for that purpose, but my local store was out of stock when I went today. Missed sales? Therefore poor stock control? A post on a whole other tangent there.


  1. WOW! I didnt realise they were THAT big!
    Very nice.
    I like your colour scheme on Hadron aswell.
    Doing almost the opposite myself.
    Hank Pym inspired?

  2. Not consciously Hank Pym, although I can see that (also 70's onwards Colossal Boy from the Legion of Superheroes used the blue and red motif), but more that red and blue are my thematic hero colours. Many of my Heroes use one or both of those.

  3. I spotted this post just after I was loking at Giant-Man pics for my own Hadron scheme so thats the first things I thought when I saw your colours.

    And can I once again state,


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