Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pixels/Megapixel (Vector)

First off, sorry for the dearth of new minis lately. Stuff is in progress, have no fear, but still apologies!

I painted these things up very quickly recently, after receiving them through the post from fellow gamer and Pulp City fan Hendybadger (thanks Ian!). His generosity reminds me of just how decent the gaming community is on the whole, so cheers to him for sending these my way.

As usual, click to embiggenify the pictures.

Ian had them custom-made by Fenris Games and I believe had a similarly positive experience to my own when getting custom stuff made.

Pixels/Megapixel is a weird little Resource exclusively available for Vector. Unlike other Resources it has no Resource cost; it kind of behaves like a renewable Minion, yet is not treated as a Minion card. It can be a struggle struggle to get the absolute best out of Pixels, since they are mainly about resource (note the lower case 'r' resource here) management, as well as game-management of Vector. Please find my own Vector Tactica here.

I have not used them too much myself of late, simply as I was using paper glued to round bases as representations. Now with these finished, expect to see more of Vector, his Pixels and Megapixel.


  1. Glad you like them. Yours are looking stunning!
    Mine are being worked on at the moment. But then so are many other things.
    Dealt with Fenris quite abit in the last year and have nothing but praise for them. These were my first custom order though, and the process was amazingly smooth, quick and well priced.


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