Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Crikey, hot on the heels of the last 'welcome' post is this one. So without any further ado, a 'welcome to the Pulp Citizen' goes out to Wandrell.

I am sure have said this more than a hundred times, but knowing that people are reading does help spur me on so every who checks by, everyone who signs up as a Follower, it is very much appreciated! So thanks everyone.

Now while I have your focus can I draw some attention to a few other blogs I check out a lot?

Four Colour Super Minis - the blog of my main gaming buddy; very eclectic in content, including supers gaming, and regularly has something new and interesting.

Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - another buddy's blog, this has a lot of news and review content, and covers a number of skirmish games including Pulp City.

Brummie's Wargaming Blog - I have got to know this blog's proprietor via the online community, and we keep promising to get some games in - soon, very soon hopefully! A nice mix of stuff, with recent emphasis on spy-fi and VSF.

TWTs occasional creative plog - another eclectic blog, and one that has regular Pulp City content, and again someone I have got to know primarily through the online community.

The Boneyard - Undead Jon's blog features occasional Pulp City minis, all very spiffily painted. I am alwasy glad to read his periodic updates.

Mashed Up Potato - Now Darth Tater is only a sporadic blogger, but he is a great bloke and so any time he posts I am happy to read.

Pulp City Planet - one of Dr. Warlock's myriad blogs, this one is primarily focused on Pulp City, with related supers content and other skirmish content.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Another 'welcome aboard' post, this time to Ridmasta - thanks very much for joining.

As always it is a boost to me to see anyone checking in and indeed signing up, so thanks everyone.

On the Pulp City front, well what I can say is that the Open Beta of Pulp City SE helped us a lot; we are preparing for the next stage so more on that when we can say.

On my own quest to paint one of every mini for the range, well I have completed another couple this month, and have 3 Terror Cotta Warriors that have been started.

In August Rob and me plan to do a Painting Challenge - Minion Month. Basically goons or henchmen types. I plan on doing 6 Jade Cult Ninjas and Ninja Sensei.

So more stuff on the horizon, and hopefully some news in the not too distant future.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Night Fright & Leech

Click to enlarge-ify
Night Fright gently eased Leech into a turn towards the primary portal. They were both ready to feast on the horrors in the souls of any unfortunates whose paths crossed their own. Yet somewhere deep down, Night Fright could not escape the feeling he had experienced something very much like this once before.

As ever, this has taken a while to finish!

I finally got around to assembling the mini in January (see here for the WiP) when I worked out how I wanted to manage to lift the model up. I did not want to use a transparent strut, and I did not want it to be attached by an object, since more often than not neither is too satisfactory a solution for my liking. I have seen some flying/leaping models lately supported by capes and trailing cloth, and that gave me inspiration when I saw some smoke effects from Tabletop Art.

I had a plan.

And like any plan, and as any regular reader of this blog know, my painting plans rarely survive contact with the enemy; the enemy in this case being my ever-fleeting motivation.

Well motivation returned in the past few weeks and it is finally complete. I am pretty pleased with the outcome and think that this very cool sculpt by Paul Muller will both fit in with and stand out from my Necroplane and wider collection of Villains.

In a nutshell, Night Fright is some kind of unliving remnant, possibly from outside the Necroplane, and he rides atop Leech, the wildest of the Nightmare Engines.

In the upcoming Pulp City SE, Night Fright & Leech is a Level 2 Speeder. Speeders can use more Movement Actions than other Roles. they are much, much faster as a consequence, but generally less hard-hitting. Except when it comes to Night Fright & Leech. This Nonliving partnership has one of the most powerful Overrun Actions in the new rules; an Action Type that allows a model to crash through a number of Targets at once. Arguably the only better Overrun may be Seabolt's, but that should be clear when the new rules are formally unleashed.

For my Necroplane, currently I have Doom Train and the soon to be released Papa Zombie and Comte Vendredi to complete. There are a few other Pulp City minis I have yet to finish so hopefully soon I will have more done to show off. The horror-themed Necroplane could be a cool choice for this year's Hallowe'en Madness, so I must get chatting to Rob about that very soon.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Green Emperor

The Green Emperor twisted his broken sword in the chest of the Phoenix and the fire died in her eyes. Indeed, the times had truly changed. He turned around looking for the Tiger, but she was nowhere to be found. It mattered not, for they were writing a completely new history this time.

Click to embiggen my imperial majesty
Okay, this was a pleasant surprise to myself - started last Saturday and finished within a few days, which does not follow my usual pattern M.O.; that usually means starting a model, blocking stuff out and moving only to return weeks, months, or even occasionally years later...

So Green Emperor is done. I purposefully used a very limited palette: 5 base colours including 3 greens, each highlight in a different way; blue-green (sword), with some thin glazes; and dark grey for the hair.

While not my best work, I am happy with how it turned out, especially given the time I took for turnaround - it has helped stoke my enthusiasm more, so much so that I am determined to finish my 3 Terror Cotta Warriors and maybe my Shadow Double this month.

Green Emperor's game rules for the current edition have been released (here), but suffice to say he comes with the usual plethora of rules that one expects for a Level 3, and one of the cool things is he unlocks the feature to allow up to 3 Terror Cotta Warriors to be taken in a Jade Cult Team.

However, in the upcoming SE I think he comes into his own; Actions that required a lot of text have been translated into our new Action Bar approach. In addition, we have taken a more comprehensive view when revising everything to hopefully make everything have its own relative worth. Well for me Green Emperor will offer not only a Leader, but a very capable front-line combatant, with the opportunity to unleash truly overwhelming attacks in the right circumstances and with the right choices; those choices mean accepting he cannot do as much as could otherwise, but offers him a brutal way of influencing the battle directly.

Anyway, enough words, I hope to post something else quite soon so watch this space.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Welcome To My Pulp City

Click to embiggen
I have been meaning to take these picture for quite some time, and now knowing how long just setting up those 105 (approximately) minis took, I don't know if I will be doing it again for a while!

Click to grow-ify
Now I dare someone to name them all, left-right, back to front...
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