Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Another 'welcome aboard' post, this time to Ridmasta - thanks very much for joining.

As always it is a boost to me to see anyone checking in and indeed signing up, so thanks everyone.

On the Pulp City front, well what I can say is that the Open Beta of Pulp City SE helped us a lot; we are preparing for the next stage so more on that when we can say.

On my own quest to paint one of every mini for the range, well I have completed another couple this month, and have 3 Terror Cotta Warriors that have been started.

In August Rob and me plan to do a Painting Challenge - Minion Month. Basically goons or henchmen types. I plan on doing 6 Jade Cult Ninjas and Ninja Sensei.

So more stuff on the horizon, and hopefully some news in the not too distant future.

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