Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November Painting Summary

I gave it my best shot, and it may not be enough, but November was still my best Challenge month bar none. I painted 7 Pulp City minis that I had not painted before, and 3 others that I don't count against the Challenge.

I almost finished Skyline yesterday, but time and light got away from me, so hopefully today for him.

For November:
- Necro GI's (x2)
- Herald
- Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain
- Iron Train
- Grimm Digger
- Grimm Elder

That leaves 12 minis for December; unlikely, but we shall see how I get on.

Ziterdes Factory & Bank

I have ordered some more new buildings from Ziterdes to help grow my own urban cityscape. I have a few of the Ziterdes Apartment buildings, as well as the Victorian Townhouse (both seen in my Battle Reports) already, and as I soon as I learned of the new products I wanted to add them to the collection. The products are in this part of the Ziterdes web store.

Ziterdes Factory

Ziterdes Bank (3 floors)

As soon as I get hold of them I need to think of some re-paints; but that said I'll try a little summary review of the products on arrival.

Images copyright © Ziterdes.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

From Beneath The Streets!

Just a picture of all of my Grimm so far, and something I may repeat as my collection of the little blighters grows.

What will be interesting is that when more Grimm are available, as Minions they may be mixed and matched to provide different ability combos; pretty nifty I reckon.


Grimm seem to be evolving much faster than other species. Creatures are able to adapt themselves to specialized functions within their society.

As with the Hulking Grimm and Grimm Digger, the Grimmancer was sculpted by Christian Danckworth. I think he did a great job on all three and I hope that future Grimm are sculpted by him. Looking at the concept art for as-yet-unreleased Grimm in the Guide, there could be some fun minis forthcoming in the future.

Grimm Digger

There is a hive mind structure to Grimm activities and behavior; some claim that it is actually a human that pulls the strings.

Sculpted by Christian Danckworth, this is another of the first set of Grimm. These characterful little under-dwellers make frequent forays to the surface world under the bidding of their master.

The (currently available) Grimm can be fielded in a couple of ways: they can be used as Minions to be taken by any Faction; or they can be used as a Resource that provides some kind of boost, however this requires the presence of a Grimm Master or Superior Grimm Master in the same Team (Guide; Errata p. 137).

The Grimm Digger adds Immunity to Difficult Terrain and Ram to the abilities of a card of Grimm Minions.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain

Slave caste - Taurus: Enslaved natives of Ergo planet, blind creatures that resemble Earth's mythological minotaurs. They form spearhead units of ground invasions.

Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain, by Israel Gonzalez Mojarro (who also sculpted some of the other Ulthar) if the fourth of this growing Extra-Terrestrial Team that I have finished.

Initially I had tried to tie in the mini with the other Ulthar by attempting a very dark purple (near to black) hue on the fabric, but that looked rubbish, so I settled for a straight 'black' look. I have been using a red and purple colour theme, as well as the matching skin tone, on my Ulthar minis, and wanted that reflected in Gorgoroth, even though he is of a different species. It didn't work out so I may have another crack at it further down the line. In the mean-time he looks okay with the other Ulthar, so no rush to do another yet.

I mention 'okay' because that is my general feeling about the results. I like the mini, I think it is nicely sculpted and fitting in what it represents. I like my choice of basing, I just wish I had done a better job with the execution of the paint-job. It isn't terrible, but it is not very exciting either. Couple that with the dissatisfying way the metallic bits turned out, and I simply wish it was 'better'.

In game terms this guy is pretty tough; not so much due to his Traits, but based on a combination of Invincible 2 (reduce all Damage by 2) and 16 Damage. Thanks to needing to scent his prey (Gorgoroth is sightless), he is a little trickier to use than most bruising/brick types, but has some excellent Damaging Actions.

Iron Train

Tony was a simple man, working on the railroad before he became a Supreme. Iron Train is the iconic defender of Pulp City, loved by crowds and his colleagues in the Heavy Metal team. Relying on his supernatural resilience granted by the armor, Tony can withstand almost anything Villains bring to the battlefield.

I promised some new pictures, and here is the first. Iron Train (sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski - Degra) was one of the earliest Pulp City minis, yet it has taken me until only the past week or so to actually finish it. It has been in the 'part-painted' queue for quite some time, and this was my second attempt (the first was dunked in the stripping bath).

I am glad that the mini is finished, and although the paint-job is not brilliant, I am quietly pleased with how it turned out. Certainly not a professional standard, but good enough for me. And of course it helps to build up my Heavy Metal forces further. I liked this mini from the outset, but when I started slapping it with one of my old 'standby' paints (GW Bolt Gun Metal) it just looked a horrible mess. That was the turning point for me to try NMM, and while I have a long way to go, hopefully I am improving here and there.

On the gaming table Iron Train is a bit of a beast. While he has a lower than average AP Allowance, this is more than made up by his Trump Traits and Skills. Basically the guy is tough as nails and only really vulnerable when his Mind or Spirit is called on.

Iron Train can dish out a lot of hurt and can take it too; he can do well standing toe to toe even against a couple of other Strength Trump foes as I recently found out to my satisfaction. In that regard Iron Train is fairly forgiving, but don't get overconfident - Gemini Y can shut him down for the Round quite easily for as little as 2 AP (3 AP if trying to make it count with a Power-Up).

One of his greatest assets is shielding his Team-mates - don't overlook his capabilities in that area; he can take the Damage - most of the time.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mini Update - Updated!

I said November was shaping up to be my most successful month so far in my Pulp City Painting Challenge, and I was right. Virtually finished today are a Grimm Elder and a Grimm Digger. In Challenge terms that takes me to 7 minis for the month, and 10 Pulp City minis painted as a whole in November.

I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Year So Far...(Painting Challenge)

Following on from the latest mini update, here is a month-by month breakdown of Pulp City Painting Challenge minis painted this year and previously:

Prior to 2010: 16 minis
- Rook
- Father Oak
- Boreas
- Chimp Chi
- Trail
- Harrier
- Mourn
- Red Riding Hoodoo and Zombie Wolf
- Francis Gator
- Rook
- Nuke
- Sister Bedlam
- Solar
- Dr Mercury
- Gentleman

January: 3 minis
- Xenobi
- Howler
- Ace of Wraiths

February: 6 minis
- Tangent
- Six Feet Under
- Hellsmith
- 2 Sentry Bots
- Advanced Sentry Bot (Sentry Bot with the backpack added)

March: 4 minis
- Androida
- Nuclear Jones
- Sgt. Bale
- Seabolt

April: 6 minis
- Stoner Hawk
- Mysterious Man
- Vigilantes (2 Minions)
- Vector
- Dead Eye

May: 5 minis
- Sanguine & Draku
- Kitty Cheshire
- Acorn
- Supreme Zed

June: 3 minis
- Virus
- Apebot
- June Summers

July: 2 minis
- Gentleman Sniper
- Twilight

August: 5 minis
- Tritonious
- Hulking Grimm
- Gemini X
- Gemini Y
- Chronin

September: 2 minis
- Jade Hawk
- Silverager

October: 2 minis
- Dr. Tenebrous
- Stormblades, Libra Sensei

38 minis in 10 months; not what I hoped to achieve (I hoped for an average of just under 5 per month). November is shaping up to be the most successful month by some way.

Mini Update

November is shaping up quite well. The target for November-December looked too far out of reach, but I said I'd give my best effort to achieve my Pulp City Painting Challenge, and so far I have been able to paint more than I would normally anticipate.

Finished so far in November:
- Hulking Grimm
- Necro GI's (4 minis; counts as 2 minis in the Challenge)
- Herald
- Iron Train (not yet photographed)
- Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain (not yet photographed)

That totals 8 painted minis for the month (which overshadows the last couple of months quite easily), and 5 discrete minis within context of the Challenge; if I can paint another couple it will by far be my best month of the year.

I'll try and get some more stuff photographed in the next few days.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pulp City Guide - Initial Impressions

Okay, before anything else, I have to declare an interest. I have helped to a degree with the development of the book and rules, and I am a fan of the game and minis, so I will naturally be biased; nonetheless I'll aim for at least a little objectivity, but of course my appreciation of the game will inevitably strongly colour my thoughts.

The Book
The Guide is laid out into three pretty distinct sections; the first section covering rules and Encounters/gaming; while the second section covers the background of the city and many its Supreme denizens; the third slim section allows for a Glossary (think condensed rules with page references) and Errata (outlining changes to some existing Supremes and Minions. The different sections have differing page borders to allow quick location of the relevant section.

The Rules
The rules are an evolution of the previous set, which had been available as a free download. Changes have been incorporated with the aim for better game-play, as well as opening up options (I especially like the Master Plans that kick in when a major win in a Starting roll is achieved). I'd advise experienced players to have a good read-through to familiarise themselves with the changes.

The core resolution mechanic remains the Opposed Roll; this is a dice roll with a single D6 adding a Trait against an opposing matched Trait plus D6; the roll can be modified with Power-Ups (adding D3), Trump Rolls (roll an extra D6, choose the best) and situational boosts. I like the mechanic because it is simple, but allows for specific effects including varied Damage, depending upon the associated Action. Generally between 1 and 3 dice are used per player for a given Action, and working out the results is generally pretty swift.

Each Supreme character has access to a range of general Universal Actions (stuff like Move*, Charge*, Strike etc) as well as their Exclusive Actions, and these are carried out in a given Activation. Supremes are restrained by having an AP Allowance - the limit of the number of AP (Action points) they can spend on Actions in a given Round, with costs of Actions varying according to usefulness.

In addition Supremes have Skills, Trump Trait Benefits and Team Powers, which help define them further.

Add to that various rules governing interaction with the environment, and the game allows for an immersive experience in which the whole battlefield can potentially be affected in some way or other.

The rules are rounded out by a chapter describing various Plots and Agendas (think sub-plots) which allow various unique combinations of victory conditions to be created.

Throughout the rules section there are many examples to illustrate key mechanics and situations.

The Fluff/Background
This section occupies about a quarter of the book, and describes the various locales around the city, as well as Supremes and prominent Teams. There is a lot that refers to well-established characters, but the observant reader will find some hints about future Supremes, Teams and story lines both within the text and through the art sprinkled liberally through the book.

The background takes a narrative approach, meaning the history of the city is seen in snatches of text, building the picture of the setting from these fragments.

It isn't overwhelming, and a nice touch in this section are the narrative story ideas associated with each discussion of a team or specific locale.

Glossary & Errata
The Glossary mostly offers a compendium of defined game terms, both offering condensed definitions (IE the rules) as well as page references. For players this should allow them to utilise this a primary reference source. some terms are not described in the Glossary, with page numbers only.

In addition, there is an Errata, which outlines changes to the individual rules cards for a number of Supremes and Minions. As a game evolves, Errata are inevitable - just look at any leading tabletop minis game for examples of such. Some changes are pretty simple or minor, whilst others are much more comprehensive.

Art & Design
The book is full-colour and glossy throughout; and there is a ton of art through the Guide, both line art as well as dramatic depictions of conflict using the minis of the range. This makes for colourful and varied layout, and the design is very striking in my view; much as modern comics use all types of panel layouts, so the Guide uses a varied approach to page layouts, and has a very visual approach rather than simply text-on-page. In addition, key concepts are often highlighted within text boxes.

The Upsides
I think the game is a strong one, and allows for pretty fast play - even large games can resolved in a couple of hours, while smaller games may take a little over one hour with experienced players.

The core resolution mechanic is a simple one that can be applied in a number of ways to specific Actions. Add in the game play ideas for potential one-off types of Encounters, and the mix and match Plots and Agendas, and players have lots of scenario options and ideas to draw on.

The Plots & Agendas offer a great template for gaming; if players want they can have a simple Slugfest!, but if they want more involved games then the other Plots and Agendas mean that games can be decide on a number of differing results other than simply grinding your opponent into dust.

I really like the design of the book, and think it is filled with lots of cool looking characters,some old, some new, and laid it is out in a clear way.

The Guide is definitely written to be user-friendly: with the Glossary; the text boxes; numerous examples of play; the design and layout choices. The decsion to go hardback was also a good call in my view - I simply prefer a hardback gaming rule-book to a softback unless they are 'pocket-sized'.

The background is rich and varied in scope; the influences can be sen from everything from supers, pulp, Wuxia, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, and so much more. I addition, I really enjoyed the 'easter eggs' sprinkled through the book; art or veiled references to future Supremes, Teams and story lines.

The permissive Team-building options, added with the plethora of choices of Supreme character-styles mean that there are a lot of choices available for players.

The Downsides
There are some discrepancies between examples and delineated rules (basically as a result of rule changes as the book was written); inexperienced players may need some guidance as to which version of which rule is actually the correct one.

The other thing I think is 'missing' is a map of the city. Pulp City is nominally on the West Coast of the USA, and a map is hardly essential, but given the locale is at the heart of the game a nice double page map would have been a nice touch in my view, especially as the page count would have allowed for this. A minor quibble at best, however.

These are small issues at best in my view, and don't mar my enjoyment of the book or the game.

I am pleased the book has been released, and happy for Maciej that he has achieved this phase of his plan for the game. I still have fun playing Pulp City, and look forwards to each game (I managed a couple more today!), and the book has possibly served to heighten my interest, if possible. I have waited a long time to have this in my hands and I have to say as an established fan, it has more than met my expectations.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Update

I finished another 'long-time lingering and unfinished mini' yesterday; this time Iron Train is finally table-ready (well, varnishing aside). I first started painting Iron Train around April/May, so I plead mea culpa to any charge that snails leave me in their painting wake.

I am currently working on Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain (Ulthar); Xyllian, Master Sagitarrius (also Ulthar); and Skyline (Hero). Some other minis have had a little hairy stick tickling: Grimm Elder; Grimm Digger; Lady Cyburn; Guerilla; Dr. Red; C.O.R.E..

I have 15 minis to finish to achieve the goal I set with my Pulp City Painting Challenge; I think it may be unlikely that I will achieve that goal before my self-imposed deadline (the end of the year), but I am still going to give it my best effort.

On another note, I will try and post my impressions on the Pulp City Guide book, possibly later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Another hearty welcome goes out to a new Follower, this one to Mark, who describes himself thus: Boardgames in Blighty Blog for Board Game Reviews and info. Proud member of the UK Gaming Media Network.

Thanks to the Duke of the Blood Keep (link here; hi Chris) I learned of this new resource (UK Gaming Media Network). If I hadn't started blogging, i wouldn't learn about these things, and wouldn't be exposed to a lot of cool ideas and inspirations. I started blogging after my main gaming buddy Rob had already done so, so if you need to blame anyone, I'll point you in his direction! The more serious point is that i have been inspired by what I have read and been able to see out there in the hobby realms of the Internet, and if I can pay forwards some more of the same, I'll be happy, so in that light, another hearty 'welcome' to Mark and anyone else who Follows or stops by; I hope I can pay back your investment of time.

To everyone, feel free to comment, pass on tips, whatever - as long as it is clean/family-friendly, I'll be glad to read and show what any readers of the Pulp Citizen have to say.

A Pulp City Resource (Cards)

This fan-site (link here) has images of the various Supreme cards, and is well worth a look as a quick reference guide. Kudos to Matthieu who posted the link on the Pulp City Forum.

Distracted By The Book!

My copy of the Pulp City Guide arrived in my hands today, meaning that I have been poring through the pages when i should probably be painting. Basically I am excitable like a giddy school-child - not any semblance of restraint about me.


Book or painting?

I will probably try to put it down for a while and crack on with what is on the desk right now...


This latest welcome goes out to SR, who recently joined the Followers list. I first saw SR's work posted to the Pulp City Forum (always worth a visit in my opinion), and as with anyone who signs up as a Follower I checked out SR's own profile, which led me to his blog (Cut Into The Earth - here); as well as the minis SR (Scott) shows off some pictures of some stunning Malifaux terrain, so it is a blog I will be watching closely; I hope he turns his hand to some contemporary urban terrain in the future.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Necro GI's

These Necro GI's are finally done. Not brilliant, but at least finished enough for my purposes.

I think I first posted about these on the blog back in July - so it has taken around 4 months or so to get them completed. They probably haven't had very much work on them, but that is likely because the approach I was first using on them was quite off-putting. So I eventually salvaged the paint jobs to a certain extent, but I wish I had started on them in a different way.

The sculpts are excellent in my view, more superb work from Paul Muller whose aesthetics suit the Pulp City range, and the Necroplane in particular. So with that in mind any short-coming are simply down to ye olde Pulp Citizen, and nothing more. I will try and see it as a lesson learned, even after years of painting, and maybe a sign of my outlook on the painting hobby changing as well.

In game terms these guys are amped-up contagious zombies with guns; what isn't there to like about that? I reckon they will be a given in most games using Necroplane for me going forwards - especially as there is already a formidable coterie of Supremes available. I painted 4 in anticipation that I will always need more during an Encounter. I love the simian-like aspect to them as well - it evokes a certain primitive feel to the minis.

Well, most importantly they are finally done. so what next? Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain? Xyllian, Master Sagittarius? Iron Train? Skyline? Time will tell.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


This latest 'Welcome' post goes to Mr Feral, whose minis I have come to see through Warseer (a site and especially Forum I spend a lot of time on). I note Mr Feral describes himself as:

miniature painter, occasional war gamer, comic book enthusiast and all-round geek.

Which all sounds very familiar! In other words I am more than glad to have Mr Feral sign up as a follower, and I have reciprocated with his own blog (Feralique - here); I have followed his eclectic tastes in minis so thoroughly recommend popping by to take a look. Now if only he would tackle those SMOG 1888 minis he has...

As ever I am very happy to see someone join up, and to everyone, please feel free to comment on posts as you see fit (just keep it clean of course).

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Next Batch...

Nothing to do with Gremlins, but instead despite the truly cold temperatures today, I managed to undercoat some more minis. I thought I'd chance it since I did not know when the weather would next be right for me to do so, with time available.

The upshot is that I have now got every remaining mini in my Pulp City Painting Challenge undercoated at the very least.

Of the remaining minis they are:
Xyllian, Master Saggitarius
Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain
Grimm Elder some base colours applied
Digger Grimm some base colours applied
Lady Cyburn
C.O.R.E. (and Access Points)
Iron Train slapped with the hairy sticks
Captain Hadron
Mini Hadron
Le Murtiple (x3 minis)
Guerilla some base colours applied
Dr. Red a minor tickle with the hairy sticks

(Another) Hooligrimm

Here's how the Grimm invasion begins...

As I mentioned in another post, this could become my 'kick start' motivational miniature when I hit a painting slump. After slapping this second Hooligrimm around with the hairy sticks I was then full of sufficient gumption to tackle and finally finish the Necro GI's.

I really do need to finish the other Grimm soon...I have a couple of Grimmancers and a couple of Diggers to get done.

On the plus side, I may have to try to place a bulk order of these with Pulp Monsters at some point, to account that I will undoubtedly hit another slump again. unless I can find another 'go to' mini that is.

I love the mini (sculpted by Christian Danckworth) simply because it is quick and easy to paint, and is fun and full of character - a winning combo.I just hope I don't feel the 'need' to paint another one too soon if you get my meaning.

Of course, I am very curious as to seeing more Grimm in the future; the Guide should have art depicting a few other Grimm types, and if those minis are half as characterful as the first 3, then I look forwards to them.


Herald: No record found...

A special case this one, no doubt, and a mini that serves as a little bit of a metaphor for how my engagement with the tabletop minis hobby has changed over the years. It should be noted that I have coveted the Herald for quite some time.

I first became acquainted with the 'little lead men' in the 1980's, through a small independent toy shop called Jacobs, which sold a small selection of both painted and unpainted Citadel miniatures. I didn't understand the significance of Citadel until much later, but I was immediately captivated by a well-painted Dwarf miniature which I bought. In the ensuing years I became involved in the 'Games Workshop hobby' (as GW are wont to describe it themselves), and my primary focus was gaming. After a few more years i left the hobby, to return maybe 6 or 7 years later (thanks Rob!).

I got back into gaming, but now took on painting far more diligently than I had before. I finished painting more minis in the second era of my hobby than in the first, by far. After a few years my main gaming buddy (Rob - again) and me both started to drift towards less GW-centric minis.

We painted tons of minis to use with supers games, and Rob has since diversified further to start painting a veritable cornucopia of genres, and please check out his blog (here) to see just how eclectic his tastes are.

The point I am meandering towards is that painting has caught up and possibly even overtaken my focus on gaming at times, and this mini underscores that.

Seeing the Herald mini motivated me to to do everything possible to get one, as part of my determination to paint everything Pulp City that I can. Hence I signed up to become a Herald on behalf of Pulp Monsters, and hopefully as a consequence I spread positive and encouraging words about the Pulp City game and minis.

I was chuffed to get this little model in the post a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't wait to paint it, so started work very quickly. I may rarely, if ever, game with it, since this was a miniature that simply appealed to the enthusiast and collector in me; but that is cool. I am pretty happy with the outcome (I will never win awards with my capabilities), and so as I said at the beginning this mini (sculpted by the very talented Wojtek Flis) really outlines how my involvement in the tabletop miniatures hobby has changed over time.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Better, Better...

I finally have finished those Necro GI's that I have been mentioning for months. They have been a bane, and it took me a while to figure out why. I think the problem was that in trying to paint them in a 'quick and dirty' manner, I didn't like the initial results enough to carry on when I first started with them. A few hours extra work saw them finished. Eventually, and months later...

I also finished a second Hulking Grimm at the beginning of the month. This was simply to 'get something done', and strangely has probably helped me get the motivation to finish off those Necro GI's. I wonder if I will amass a collection of Hulking Grimm in time as painting motivators...

I'll try and get new pictures in the next few days.

Basically I have 56 painted of 73 minis as I am counting them for the Challenge. November will be 'make or break month' I feel.

As I missed the third quarter summary, here is my Pulp City Painting Challenge so far; this is the current list of available Pulp City minis, organised by sub faction; the ones that I have painted already are in italics:

Heavy Metal
Chronin (L1)
Androida (L1)

Iron Train (L2)
Nuclear Jones (L2)
Dr. Mercury (L2)

Lady Cyburn (L1)
Captain Hadron/Mini Hadron (L2)
C.O.R.E. (L3)

Blood Watch
Red Riding Hoodoo (L1) and Zombie Wolf (Minion)
Blood Rose (L1)
Six Feet Under (L2)
Sgt. Bale (L2)

Unaligned Heroes
Ace of Wraiths (L2)
Deadeye (L3)
Vigilantes (Minions; x2)
Solar (L2)
Harrier (L1)
Trail (L2)
Stoner Hawk (L2)
Jade Hawk (L1)

Skyline (L1)

Dr. Red (L2)
Virus (L1)
Apebot (L2)
Chimp Chi (L1)

Guerilla (L2)
Howler (L1)
Silverager (L2)

Le Murtiple (L1)

Kitty Cheshire (L1)

Unaligned Hero/Villains
Acorn (L1)
Father Oak (L2)
Vector (L1)
Tritonious (L1)

Virgo (L2)

Rook (L2)
Twilight (L1)
Francis Gator (L1)

Dr. Tenebrous (L3)
Mourn (L1)
Necro GI's (Minions; x2)
Supreme Zed (L2)
Sanguine (L1 or L2) and Draku (Minion)

Boreas (L2)
Hellsmith (L2)

Gemini X (L1)
Gemini Y (L1)
Stormblades, Libra Sensei (L2)

Xyllian, Master Sagittarius (L2)
Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain (L2)

Unaligned Villains
Mysterious Man (L3)
Xenobi (L1)
Gentleman (L1)
Gentleman with sniper rifle (L1)
Nuke (L2)
Tangent (L2)
Seabolt (L2)
Sister Bedlam (L1)

Sentry Bots/Advanced Sentry Bot (Minions)
June Summers (Minion; promo from last year)

Herald (L1)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Pulp City Guide - YouTube Video

Maciej has posted a YouTube video of the book after he had just received it. This has whetted my appetite even more.

Don't forget to listen closely near the end... ;)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pulp City Guide Available To Order

This was announced for order today via the Pulp City Forum; some pre-orders were taken at Gencon I understand, but for the rest of us the time is here. I hope to get my hands on my own copy sometime soon, and I have to admit I am pretty excited. There should be tons of material to supplement the game rules sections I have previously seen, and as a sucker for 'fluff'/background material that is what I may be looking forward to most. Well that and the 'new book smell', but then I am strange like that. :)

The quote from Pulp City Forum:


144 heavy stock gloss paper perfect bound hard cover beauty of the book.
The book retails for 24.99 Euro and 34.99 USD.
You can purchase the book directly from us [Pulp Monsters] for 24.99 Euro.

HOW TO ORDER: Send an email to maciej (at) pulpmonsters.com with your adress and PayPal address, and I will send you an invoice this week

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Determined Effort Time

Determined effort time is like 'Hammer time', but without the music and silly trousers.

Okay, after a couple of poor months in terms of output for my Pulp City Painting Challenge, I have just under 2 months left, and 19 minis to go - given the rate I have painted in the past, that then makes success look unlikely, but I am determined to give it a go.

The Herald is about halfway through, and Iron Train and the Necro GI's don't need much work. I am on holiday this week and have just finished another Hulking Grimm (it doesn't count for the Challenge, but I enjoyed painting the first so much that I thought I do a second).

Other minis with some base colours on them include: Guerilla, Dr. Red, Grimm Elder, Grimm Digger and Lady Cyburn.
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