Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Update

I finished another 'long-time lingering and unfinished mini' yesterday; this time Iron Train is finally table-ready (well, varnishing aside). I first started painting Iron Train around April/May, so I plead mea culpa to any charge that snails leave me in their painting wake.

I am currently working on Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain (Ulthar); Xyllian, Master Sagitarrius (also Ulthar); and Skyline (Hero). Some other minis have had a little hairy stick tickling: Grimm Elder; Grimm Digger; Lady Cyburn; Guerilla; Dr. Red; C.O.R.E..

I have 15 minis to finish to achieve the goal I set with my Pulp City Painting Challenge; I think it may be unlikely that I will achieve that goal before my self-imposed deadline (the end of the year), but I am still going to give it my best effort.

On another note, I will try and post my impressions on the Pulp City Guide book, possibly later today or tomorrow.

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