Saturday, 13 November 2010

Necro GI's

These Necro GI's are finally done. Not brilliant, but at least finished enough for my purposes.

I think I first posted about these on the blog back in July - so it has taken around 4 months or so to get them completed. They probably haven't had very much work on them, but that is likely because the approach I was first using on them was quite off-putting. So I eventually salvaged the paint jobs to a certain extent, but I wish I had started on them in a different way.

The sculpts are excellent in my view, more superb work from Paul Muller whose aesthetics suit the Pulp City range, and the Necroplane in particular. So with that in mind any short-coming are simply down to ye olde Pulp Citizen, and nothing more. I will try and see it as a lesson learned, even after years of painting, and maybe a sign of my outlook on the painting hobby changing as well.

In game terms these guys are amped-up contagious zombies with guns; what isn't there to like about that? I reckon they will be a given in most games using Necroplane for me going forwards - especially as there is already a formidable coterie of Supremes available. I painted 4 in anticipation that I will always need more during an Encounter. I love the simian-like aspect to them as well - it evokes a certain primitive feel to the minis.

Well, most importantly they are finally done. so what next? Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain? Xyllian, Master Sagittarius? Iron Train? Skyline? Time will tell.


  1. Your work is getting better and better. Really like these!

  2. I second that! I just caught a glimpse of these and I wanted to know more. Are they available to the public?


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