Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Another hearty welcome goes out to a new Follower, this one to Mark, who describes himself thus: Boardgames in Blighty Blog for Board Game Reviews and info. Proud member of the UK Gaming Media Network.

Thanks to the Duke of the Blood Keep (link here; hi Chris) I learned of this new resource (UK Gaming Media Network). If I hadn't started blogging, i wouldn't learn about these things, and wouldn't be exposed to a lot of cool ideas and inspirations. I started blogging after my main gaming buddy Rob had already done so, so if you need to blame anyone, I'll point you in his direction! The more serious point is that i have been inspired by what I have read and been able to see out there in the hobby realms of the Internet, and if I can pay forwards some more of the same, I'll be happy, so in that light, another hearty 'welcome' to Mark and anyone else who Follows or stops by; I hope I can pay back your investment of time.

To everyone, feel free to comment, pass on tips, whatever - as long as it is clean/family-friendly, I'll be glad to read and show what any readers of the Pulp Citizen have to say.

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