Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Herald: No record found...

A special case this one, no doubt, and a mini that serves as a little bit of a metaphor for how my engagement with the tabletop minis hobby has changed over the years. It should be noted that I have coveted the Herald for quite some time.

I first became acquainted with the 'little lead men' in the 1980's, through a small independent toy shop called Jacobs, which sold a small selection of both painted and unpainted Citadel miniatures. I didn't understand the significance of Citadel until much later, but I was immediately captivated by a well-painted Dwarf miniature which I bought. In the ensuing years I became involved in the 'Games Workshop hobby' (as GW are wont to describe it themselves), and my primary focus was gaming. After a few more years i left the hobby, to return maybe 6 or 7 years later (thanks Rob!).

I got back into gaming, but now took on painting far more diligently than I had before. I finished painting more minis in the second era of my hobby than in the first, by far. After a few years my main gaming buddy (Rob - again) and me both started to drift towards less GW-centric minis.

We painted tons of minis to use with supers games, and Rob has since diversified further to start painting a veritable cornucopia of genres, and please check out his blog (here) to see just how eclectic his tastes are.

The point I am meandering towards is that painting has caught up and possibly even overtaken my focus on gaming at times, and this mini underscores that.

Seeing the Herald mini motivated me to to do everything possible to get one, as part of my determination to paint everything Pulp City that I can. Hence I signed up to become a Herald on behalf of Pulp Monsters, and hopefully as a consequence I spread positive and encouraging words about the Pulp City game and minis.

I was chuffed to get this little model in the post a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't wait to paint it, so started work very quickly. I may rarely, if ever, game with it, since this was a miniature that simply appealed to the enthusiast and collector in me; but that is cool. I am pretty happy with the outcome (I will never win awards with my capabilities), and so as I said at the beginning this mini (sculpted by the very talented Wojtek Flis) really outlines how my involvement in the tabletop miniatures hobby has changed over time.

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