Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain

Slave caste - Taurus: Enslaved natives of Ergo planet, blind creatures that resemble Earth's mythological minotaurs. They form spearhead units of ground invasions.

Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain, by Israel Gonzalez Mojarro (who also sculpted some of the other Ulthar) if the fourth of this growing Extra-Terrestrial Team that I have finished.

Initially I had tried to tie in the mini with the other Ulthar by attempting a very dark purple (near to black) hue on the fabric, but that looked rubbish, so I settled for a straight 'black' look. I have been using a red and purple colour theme, as well as the matching skin tone, on my Ulthar minis, and wanted that reflected in Gorgoroth, even though he is of a different species. It didn't work out so I may have another crack at it further down the line. In the mean-time he looks okay with the other Ulthar, so no rush to do another yet.

I mention 'okay' because that is my general feeling about the results. I like the mini, I think it is nicely sculpted and fitting in what it represents. I like my choice of basing, I just wish I had done a better job with the execution of the paint-job. It isn't terrible, but it is not very exciting either. Couple that with the dissatisfying way the metallic bits turned out, and I simply wish it was 'better'.

In game terms this guy is pretty tough; not so much due to his Traits, but based on a combination of Invincible 2 (reduce all Damage by 2) and 16 Damage. Thanks to needing to scent his prey (Gorgoroth is sightless), he is a little trickier to use than most bruising/brick types, but has some excellent Damaging Actions.

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