Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Next Batch...

Nothing to do with Gremlins, but instead despite the truly cold temperatures today, I managed to undercoat some more minis. I thought I'd chance it since I did not know when the weather would next be right for me to do so, with time available.

The upshot is that I have now got every remaining mini in my Pulp City Painting Challenge undercoated at the very least.

Of the remaining minis they are:
Xyllian, Master Saggitarius
Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain
Grimm Elder some base colours applied
Digger Grimm some base colours applied
Lady Cyburn
C.O.R.E. (and Access Points)
Iron Train slapped with the hairy sticks
Captain Hadron
Mini Hadron
Le Murtiple (x3 minis)
Guerilla some base colours applied
Dr. Red a minor tickle with the hairy sticks

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