Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Pulp Citizen Cave

My new hobby room is getting closer; walls are painted, dodgy air vent replaced and awaiting carpet (a week or so in a paint-spill forgiving mid-dark blue gray) and maybe some shelves.

It will have some original comic art on the walls, painting desk/station, my cabinets and access to the 'upper cave'...

I am going to try to make it a nice little s[pace for painting and modeling, so wish me luck!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Still (Mostly) Down

The Pulp Citizen Cave was relocated and is in disarray, but the Pulp Citizen will be posting regularly within a couple of weeks. he hopes. That is if Mrs Pulp Citizen does not have him doing too much decorating...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pulp Citizen Down

The protracted move of the Pulp Citizen Cave looks to be nearing completion; as a consequence internet access may well be interrupted for a period of time. Basically please don't be alarmed if I don't post for a week or two - normal service will be resumed, including some new minis in good order I hope.

Sarissa Precision City Block Buildings (II)

I received my first order a few days ago and even though I have no new pictures (no need until I start painting them up I reckon), I though I would offer my thoughts after dry-fitting my first building.

Packing/shipping: very sturdy and secure - no damage in transit; the items were delivered pretty promptly and Sarissa offered excellent notification about delivery.

Components: nicely cut and on the whole fit well together, although interior pieces have very tightly snug tabs. The floors look viable to be able to be assembled in a way to allow for separate units since they have guide tabs to help locate them. Better yet the floors act as a shell meaning as you lift it up you can get a model eye view without intervening walls.

Size: after my dry fit I was happy with size/scale and think they will do well for my modern gaming. I think they should suffice for any gaming from the 20th century onwards in westernised urban areas.

Conclusion: if these had been available before the Ziterdes stuff, I think they would have been the primary source of my modern terrain. As it is I can well see myself buying more Sarissa terrain, and I hope they do follow up on producing some roof-top accessories. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Another 'welcome aboard' goes out, to The Convenient Skill this time. As always I hope that in signing up to Follow the Pulp Citizenn The Convenient Skill is rewarded with something either informative or entertaining.

Not much happening on the hobby minis front recently as a lot of stuff is packed up prior to moving (in delayed fashion) to the new Pulp Citizen Cave. I find it weird not seeing any minis in the figure cabinets, which may be impeding what little enthusiasm I have for the few minis not packed away.

On another front the Sarissa stuff I ordered arrived yesterday - I have yet to unpack it, but I will give my thoughts when I have done so.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Game Overview

My own take on an overview of the game:

Saturday, 4 June 2011


The latest welcome goes to Captain Richard's Miniature Civil War (Follower and owner of the blog of the same name); thank you for stepping aboard and you can be sure I will be checking out you blog more fully - the scale of some of tabletop game shots was pretty breathtaking so I look forwards to a closer inspection in good time. Thanks for Following!

Friday, 3 June 2011


A new welcome post; this time to Fabio who joined in the last day or so - thank you very much for signing up as a Follower, it is always appreciated to see new names signed up.

Just a reminder that I always appreciate feedback on anything in particular any Followers or causal visitors may want to see from the blog: feel free to post comments.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

When Rampages The Beast!

Another Comic Life crafted Battle Report, with a little bit of GIMP and Photoshop 'post-production' (SFX); this has basically been produced so I can try out and practice a couple of things.

The game was a play-test (last year) for the forthcoming Monsters rules - there have been major changes since then so I expect to be doing more play-test games at some point.

Thanks as always to Rob for his pictures.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mini Update

The Pulp Citizen Cave lies in ruins...

Okay it doesn't really, and Ra's Al Ghul's henchmen haven't burnt down my house, but Mrs Pulp Citizen and me are in the midst of a protracted move which hit further delay last week, meaning most of my hobby stuff is packed up.

Consequently I have been able to do only a little, starting work on painting a Ziterdes Factory building. I haven't felt motivated to crack into the two Pulp City minis I have not yet packed away since the disruption of having most of the household contents boxed up has sapped my motivation somewhat, and means new pics of anything will be some time in coming.

On the plus side, I know work has been continuing on the next few waves of Pulp City Supremes and there should be some new ones on the horizon very soon - further out look for new alliances as the threats to the city grow; of course I won't be able to order any until safely ensconced in the Pulp Citizen Cave mark II. More exciting was seeing the first Pulp Monster kit. This is part of a new rules option allowing Supremes vs. big monsters battles, which from play test was lots of fun. the first mini looks ace and I look forwards to getting my hands on one.
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