Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sarissa Precision City Block Buildings (II)

I received my first order a few days ago and even though I have no new pictures (no need until I start painting them up I reckon), I though I would offer my thoughts after dry-fitting my first building.

Packing/shipping: very sturdy and secure - no damage in transit; the items were delivered pretty promptly and Sarissa offered excellent notification about delivery.

Components: nicely cut and on the whole fit well together, although interior pieces have very tightly snug tabs. The floors look viable to be able to be assembled in a way to allow for separate units since they have guide tabs to help locate them. Better yet the floors act as a shell meaning as you lift it up you can get a model eye view without intervening walls.

Size: after my dry fit I was happy with size/scale and think they will do well for my modern gaming. I think they should suffice for any gaming from the 20th century onwards in westernised urban areas.

Conclusion: if these had been available before the Ziterdes stuff, I think they would have been the primary source of my modern terrain. As it is I can well see myself buying more Sarissa terrain, and I hope they do follow up on producing some roof-top accessories. Highly recommended.

1 comment:

  1. Until I read this I had not heard of Sarissa, got to say I like the look of their work and prices!


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