Sunday, 4 April 2010

Recent Games

I thought I'd share some pictures taken of a couple of recent Pulp City games by my main gaming opponent. As always we had fun, and we keep mixing things up by swapping over as Heroes and Villains players. That said, I am sure the Villains are doing better on the whole.

We had two games that day - we tend to warm up with a 'smaller' game (Encounter level 6 this time; 2 each of Level 1 and 2 Supremes per side) before we play a bigger one.

In the smaller game we used the Agendas rules, but for the second (Encounter Level 11; 3 Level 1 Supremes and 4 Level 2 Supremes per side) we settled for a straight-up, drag-out, knock-down slug-fest! Both were great fun against a great opponent.


  1. table looks awesome mate! Where are the buildings from?

  2. The diner (painted) and warehouse (actually an aircraft hanger, but it works as a warehouse for us; unpainted) are both Plasticville (I got them through Dark House Games - a very friendly UK retailer); the apartment is a discontinued Ziterdes building and extension that was made for Heroclix.

    I am picking up an Italeri Berlin House to see how that works this week.

  3. cool
    I've seen many great tables use plasticville buildings.....will have to investigate!

  4. You found the PM then. Those Pics look great don't they- very dynamic. Looking forward to the next game. RB

  5. Thanks very much for the pics Rob!


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