Sunday, 11 April 2010


Another welcome aboard is extended - this time to Mykal, who I surmise is a fellow comic-book fan; great to have you stop by and follow the blog. I hope that whether your interest is in comics, minis, or both, that you get something worthwhile from stopping by.

Writing that welcome reminds me that I have been thinking a lot about comics recently. More specifically I have been thinking about my own comic book collecting. I have mentioned my dissatisfaction with the status quo at the big two (possibly more so with DC), that they are not broadly producing enough comic books that can really cater to 'all-ages'. DC have a line of books aimed at kids (probably read by a lot of adults, but targeted at kids), while Marvel do a number of all-ages type books, none of which are really positioned within the mainstream Marvel universe. The point is that that kind of all-ages accessibility is what I want in a lot of my purchases at almost 37 years of age.

For those books that don't offer that basic approach, I want sufficient quality and verve to overcome that preference (Kick-Ass is a great example of a book that does just that; GI Joe: Cobra from IDW last year was another; Powers is a book I am reading in collected editions and I am really enjoying - even if it is without doubt for mature readers; you get the idea). The point of this rambling is that now I am taking stock, and maybe I need to be much more judicious in my comics buying.

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