Thursday, 8 April 2010

Quarterly Update (1)

I was thinking of doing something like this a few days ago, but neglected to follow up on it. Then a post I put together on the Pulp City Forum made me think about it again. As well as monthly summaries of painting, I thought I'd construct a quarterly update showing what is and what isn't painted on my challenge.

Here is the current list of available Pulp City minis, organised by sub faction; the ones that I have painted already are in italics:

Heavy Metal
Chronin (L1)
Androida (L1)
Iron Train (L2)
Nuclear Jones (L2)
Dr. Mercury (L2)
C.O.R.E. (L3)

Blood Watch
Red Riding Hoodoo (L1) and Zombie Wolf (Minion)
Blood Rose (L1)
Six Feet Under (L2)
Sgt. Bale (L2)

Unaligned Heroes
Ace of Wraiths (L2)
Deadeye (L3)
Vigilantes (Minions; x2)
Solar (L2)
Harrier (L1)
Trail (L2)
Stoner Hawk (L2)

Dr. Red (L2)
Virus (L1)
Apebot (L2)
Chimp Chi (l1)
Guerilla (L2)
Howler (L1)

Unaligned Hero/Villains
Acorn (L1)
Father Oak (L2)

Rook (L2)
Twilight (L1)
Francis Gator (L1)

Dr. Tenebrous (L3)
Mourn (L1)
Necro GI's (Minions; x2)

Boreas (L2)
Hellsmith (L2)

Unaligned Villains
Mysterious Man (L3)
Xenobi (L1)
Gentleman (L1)
Gentleman with sniper rifle (L1)
Nuke (L2)
Tangent (L2)
Seabolt (L2)
Sister Bedlam (L1)

Sentry Bots/Advanced Sentry Bot (Minions)
June Summers (Minion; currently not widely available)
Herald (L?)

Next Wave (coming soon)
Looks to be:
Kitty Cheshire (H/V; Otherside - new sub faction; L1?)
Vector (V; L1?)
Super Zed aka Supreme Zed (V; Necroplane; L2?)
Sanguine (V; Necroplane; L1/2?) and Draku (Minion?)

The delays in recent releases has given me a bit of leeway in completing my self-appointed challenge, on the downside it also reduces the choices of minis available to paint, and if I experience any kind or 'painters block' like I did in January, that could hurt my challenge.

As for what is being hit with the hairy stick at my painting station? Mysterious Man is coming on okay; Acorn keeps getting smidgeon more of paint from time to time; Chronin has been put to one side after a very small amount of paint attention; Iron Train has had the main base colour applied.

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