Friday, 30 April 2010

April Painting Summary

Less diversions this month so hopefully more done? Well you have seen two painted minis so far, and last month I painted four in total...

Well to answer a question that may or may not have arisen: yes, it was a better month!

This month I painted:
- Stoner Hawk
- Mysterious Man
- Vigilantes (2 Minions)
- Vector
- Dead Eye

I also got a little bit more done on Acorn, so she should be finished soon. Well soon-ish. Maybe.

I'll post up on each newly finished mini over the next day or so, but I need to rephotograph Dead Eye as his individual pictures came out blurry.


  1. Loving the all-American look for the good guys, there! Clean and heroic.

  2. Thanks; that was what I was going for, plus it echoes the prevalent use of red and blue among my heroes.

    Hopefully in time each Faction and Subfaction should have a recogniasable palette of colours that I use on the models. Time will tell of course...

  3. They look great and could be also used as an American Judge Dredd gang.

    1. Thanks Baconfat - you comment is ona real blast from the past post. :)


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