Thursday, 15 April 2010

Salute 2010

In just over a week (Saturday 24th April), I am heading to Salute 2010, the first time I will have attended this particular show, and I am really looking forwards to it. There will be lots of manufacturers with minis etc on show, much of it available for the first time at the show. There are a number of items that I would like to pick up, and in addition there will be minis that I will get to see and learn about that otherwise I may not have known about.

For many years my involvement in the minis and tabletop gaming hobby was Games Workshop-centric, and later Superfigs added to that. Moving away from that position has caused me to embrace picking up cool models from all sorts of different manufacturers, and has also caused me to approach and try different things with my minis: before starting my self-imposed Pulp City Painting Challenge, I had not looked at using scenic bases (I love the stuff I have picked up from Dragon Forge and Fenris, two great manufacturers - both offer helpful and friendly service); before the challenge I had not tried Object Source Lighting (OSL; still working on this technique); before the challenge I had not tried to create a non-metallic metallic effect (NMM; also still working on this technique). It has stretched my enjoyment of the minis hobby since it has stretched me as a hobbyist. Going to Salute will maybe offer me some more new things to consider.

A bonus of going to Salute is that hopefully I will be able to catch up the creator and primary driving force behind Pulp City; head to the MaxMini stand to catch up with Morf/Maciej.

So I am going to Salute, along with my long-time gaming buddy, and we have a lot to look forwards to; and of course I will post about it when I get back.

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