Sunday, 25 April 2010

Salute 2010

I had a great day at Salute 2010. I went with my main gaming buddy Rob and we both found lots to look at and buy.

My highlight was definitely that I had 30 minutes of chat with Maciej (the driving force behind Pulp Monsters/Pulp City) which I hope to get published as an interview article sometime soon - I'll post more when I know what is happening with that. It was great to meet him in person, a friendly guy who was generous with his time. Thanks Maciej.

I also managed to pick up the new release wave of Pulp City minis (see photo above): Sanguine & Draku, Super-Zed, Kitty Cheshire, and Vector. I will try to paint Vector this week, time permitting.

I also took a couple of pics of an as-yet unreleased Pulp City minis: Tritonius (see second and third photos).

As for Salute in general? It was my first and I really enjoyed it, so much so that I would like to go again. Traders and demonstrators were friendly and helpful, and so I got to see and learn about a lot of games that I don't really know.

Things that really caught my eye:
- a Star Wars Lego tabletop battle game: brilliant idea! Forgot to take photos alas.
- Alkemy: there were a lot of things about the rules that sound novel and cool; the feline-race minis really took the eye of Rob and me, and the models on the whole look fantastic.
- Tablescape doing laser-cut wood terrain; cheap and effective looking; nothing really suitable for Pulp City yet, but who knows in time?
- some great tables and scenery sets.
- the difference between Privateer and GW: Privateer looked to have won out in effort, having demo games, a painting area as well as the retail stand; GW seemed to be there just for presence and sales - not the most positive attitude I feel.

Stuff I picked up, besides the PC stuff:
- Maxmini: some pieces (crates and barrels) to throw around the table.
- Hasslefree: Mutants Grant and Joe; they will be used as Minions no doubt.
- the Salute mini: robot and space girl; the robot will be a Minion for sure.
- Heresy: Van Halfling and a not-Orko (from not-MotU I guess); just because they look fun.
- Atenociti's some windows and doors for a cottage building (probably for Confrontation) and the new GoT police officer (male) and Fembot (the latter a certain Minion).
- Black Cat: some minis that will probbaly end up as Minions; but unfortunately one piece is miscast.
- Confrontation: of course I am getting into C3 years after it went away, so bargain bin hunting (Got a Devourers Flesh Eaters box, some Mid Nor packs, some Cynwall, and Aberration Prime and did a swap of some other minis to get Worg and an L.E. Wolfen).

And as for the image at the bottom of this post: That is June Summers in resin, a special Minion for Pulp City, available as part of an offer last year. And I have some plans for at least one of these. Keep watching the blog...

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  1. I like the look of Tritonius very much! Thanks for these pictures.


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