Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pulp City Open Beta Is Here (Almost!)

One of the new cards!
Sometime today, the Open Beta version of Pulp City *should* be launched.

The downloads should be available from the web-site (web-site link here) later today, so please check it out.

So what is it about? What is this Open Beta? Well this link to some recent Editorial Eyes can give some background as to how we got here.

In a nutshell however we are recreating the Pulp City rules; we hope to make them as action-packed as ever, and hopefully more so. We hope we have made a faster and more stream-lined game with some really fun and cool features. We wanted to rebuild the game so that players did not have to study walls of Action text to play, but instead using some basic 'building block' mechanics can quickly and intuitively get into the game.

From testing we feel it plays faster. There is a lot of depth from team selection to how you use your models, and it will soon be clear there is no perfect formula as to what models you choose (although Leaders and Powerhouses will be key to most play-styles in my opinion!).

The Open Beta is a no-frills document (the full rules with lavish lay-out, art and fluff will follow later this year), designed to allow players to pick up what is happening and dive in. My understanding is that other companies have done something similar to keep their players informed of where things are moving.

So if you play Pulp City or want to give it a try, look for those downloads later today!


  1. Also very much looking forward to this!
    The "old" rules where okay, but I think a little less micro-management and special rules could make Pulp City not only a good game but a must have one!


  2. I'm getting interested by a lot of the Ape mini's that are appearing.


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