Friday, 11 January 2013

Night Fright & Leech (WiP)

These have been in my 'to do' pile for quite some time. What held me back for a few months was figuring out how I wanted the sky-board (Leech) to 'fly'; well that was resolved when I saw some smoke style special effects on Tabletop Art's site. I ordered a couple of packs and problem one solved.

Problem two as ever is my project inertia; this can hit at any stage of a project and kicked in before assembly began. Well, it has now resolved - getting six minis painted in December and three (so far) in January created some momentum and so yesterday I assembled this thing and gave it a spray under-coat.

Watch this space for completion (sooner than later I hope!).


  1. IMHO the "smoke-lifters" really rock! Great idea.

    1. Thanks Jay. I thought it was a nifty way of paying homage to a character like Green Goblin who was the original sky-rider, as far as I am concerned, and whose goblin glider was always wreathed in smoke, and all the while (hopefully) creating the illusion of lift. :)

  2. Looks really nice. Gives a 'Green Goblin' feel perfectly.
    Cant wait to see it painted.


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