Sunday, 20 January 2013

Doc Cosmos

Not a Pulp City mini, but a super of my own design, sculpted to fit in with the Pulp City line, Doc Cosmos has taken a while to be painted from original concept, to sculpting, to casting and to me painting this version.

The mini was sculpted  by James Van Schaik.

My friend Hendybadger and me set ourselves a Challenge, to get our commissioned minis painted before the end of January (see here for the original Challenge post).

Doc Cosmos is a hero I conceived a few years ago, and was very loosely inspired by a Golden Age hero. He originally went by the name Doc Stellar, but I found that a character in Big Bang Comics had that code-name, so a change was required.

The planned colour scheme was red and blue, but I switched to red and black shortly before starting to finish him off in earnest, and I think the combo is effective.

The face probably needs a bit more work, and a bit more will be down, but I am happy overall nonetheless.

He will be getting some 'house rules' I reckon to be used in some Pulp City games at some point, but for now I am proud that he is painted.


  1. Looking great sir! The colours suit the figure nicely.

  2. Great work there! I have mine primered and ready to paint soon.

  3. Looks ace! Very nice model and well painted.

  4. So when's he going on sale? :}


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