Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Painting Challenge 1: Hendybadger Vs. Pulp Citizen/ Hendybadger Vs. Doc Cosmos Throwdown!

Doc Cosmos and Hendybadger
In my 2012 in review post I mentioned how useful I found having Painting Challenges with someone else; that has been Rob so far (his blog here), and it has really helped because it felt like I had to meet the deadline or otherwise let someone else down, which helped give me the impetus to succeed.

Well this very month I am launching into 2 Painting Challenges, and the first is with Hendybadger (his blog can be found here).

Since we both have commissioned minis (Hendybadger was commissioned as a fantastic gift for HB by his wife, AKA the Galley Wench), we thought it only apt we actually paint them.

So the Challenge is on: to have both minis painted by 31st of January  One simple Throwdown, and there can be two winners! Will we do it? Watch our blogs to see!

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