Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Painting Challenge 2: New Broom January

Yes, they have been unfinished for far too long!
Okay, this is the big one, pun fully intended!

Rob has been rightfully making a point that I still have not finished my Hadrons. I cannot argue with him on that score.

So we got to chatting and we settled on a theme for January that would allow me to tackle them and Rob to tackle some Force on Force stuff: New Broom January; projects that have sat unfinished for far too long.

The dead;lines are smaller mini by January 10th; another small mini by January 17th; big piece by January 31st.

So keep an eye here for my side of things, and check out Four Colour Super Minis for Rob's progress; the Painting Challenge is on, a New Broom January to sweep those minis into completion!

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