Thursday, 31 January 2013


Remember a few weeks ago I set out on two Challenge  Well one is complete for the deadline, but alas the other not quite (some other stuff may have gotten in the way as you may have noticed!).

Well I did complete Painting Challenge 1: Hendybadger Vs. Pulp Citizen/ Hendybadger Vs. Doc Cosmos Throwdown!

You saw my Doc Cosmos here, and now Hendybadger joins him! I enjoyed painting the little fella, especially as is it is so rare that I could not afford to mess it up, but being so small with tons of character details made it a bugger to say the least!

Hats off to the Galley Wench, aka Mrs Hendybadger for getting this little critter created as the perfect Birthday gift for her hubby, the great and dear Hendybadger. Now if HB know what's good for him, then the Galley Wench will be immortalized in miniature... ;)

I was really honoured to get one of these, and it is going to take pride of place in my collection. Thanks Hendybadger and Galley Wench, this means a lot to me. I hope I have done it some semblance of justice in the painting.


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