Friday, 1 February 2013


A new 'welcome to the Pulp Citizen' post, this time to r1Pped who has just signed up - thanks for doing so. r1Pped has a youtube channel which can be found here for those who are interested. That just goes to show how far the gaming hobbies have come when there are gaming bloggers and vloggers about.

The internet has helped the tabletop gaming hobby immeasurably as far as I am concerned, opening up opportunities for manufacturers, customers and retailers alike. It has meant that I can try games that around 10-15 vyears ago I would have been dependent on my LGS to get in (yes I know the interwebz has been around longer than that, but that time-span has seen the transition from print to digital media as the primary way of exploring and showcasing the hobby). So while my LGS may have made some great choices in stocking some cool games, today I can be my own taste-maker. Of course the balance is in trying to still support the local LGS, while recognizing that it cannot stock every shiny new range that takes my eye; they (LGS's) still are such a vital part of the hobby when well-run.

On the Pulp City front? Well, all that work over the past 14 months is paying off as Open Beta is out.

So what is there to expect going forwards? Well Pulp Monsters hopes to schedule monthly releases from this month forwards (with the odd skip month for logical reasons). While I cannot say what exactly they will be, new Starter sets are confirmed (including a new Nuke and new Supreme Aurelius); new Guerilla has been seen; and do not be surprised if we see some more big guys this year (Powerhouse's).

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