Thursday, 11 November 2010


This latest 'Welcome' post goes to Mr Feral, whose minis I have come to see through Warseer (a site and especially Forum I spend a lot of time on). I note Mr Feral describes himself as:

miniature painter, occasional war gamer, comic book enthusiast and all-round geek.

Which all sounds very familiar! In other words I am more than glad to have Mr Feral sign up as a follower, and I have reciprocated with his own blog (Feralique - here); I have followed his eclectic tastes in minis so thoroughly recommend popping by to take a look. Now if only he would tackle those SMOG 1888 minis he has...

As ever I am very happy to see someone join up, and to everyone, please feel free to comment on posts as you see fit (just keep it clean of course).

1 comment:

  1. Thanks a lot for the shoutout!

    You'll be pleased to hear I am working on a Smog 1888 model (Jaybee the Ripper to be exact):)


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