Saturday, 1 June 2013

Welcome To My Pulp City

Click to embiggen
I have been meaning to take these picture for quite some time, and now knowing how long just setting up those 105 (approximately) minis took, I don't know if I will be doing it again for a while!

Click to grow-ify
Now I dare someone to name them all, left-right, back to front...


  1. Cool. Quite an achievement. I bet there are not many people out there with a collection quite so comprehensive.

  2. Thats a really impressive looking collection buddy. Love the background as well very Pulp City :D

  3. WOW!!!!!

    impressive sight buddy!

  4. Cheers guys! I am re-energized on the painting front and yesterday and today managed a surprising amount (for me! It is all relative!) on another PC mini.

  5. Ditto on what Darth said.... WOW!


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