Monday, 10 October 2011

Making Some "Albino Gator's Curse" 'Tokens'

Albino Gator's Curse is one of Francis Gator's Exclusive Actions. It creates an area of his home swamp on the Playing Field that lasts for the rest of the game.

Of course I could mark the area with bits of paper or what-not, but I really fancy making a few elaborate Tokens to represent the areas of terrain (which are 3 inch radius areas!).

I have cut myself some discs to size, and as an alternative have ordered some 150mm blank round-lip bases from Fenris (not quite perfect size but close enough!).

Now I have to fill up the blighters (whether I choose the discs or bases) with swampy looking stuff. I plan on making undulations and sanding the bits of ground, while filling the area with wet effect stuff. The thing is with such big areas (I plan to do several of these!) I would love to add suitably swampy decoration (without going too overboard) simply to help bolster the visual appearance.

I have some bits in my box, but was wondering if you guys have suggestions for stuff I can add. Cheers.

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  1. Those Fenris bases arrived today, and since they are within a few millimetres of the discs I cut, I will be going with them instead of the discs since the recess will make managing the flow of wet effect stuff easier I guess. They are freaking huge - so I need to get on with sourcing suitable bits and bobs. Dead tree stumps would be perfect, but Atenociti's are out of the ones I saw there. :(


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