Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Name the Supreme!

As my good buddy Hendybadger blogged about it, so will I! I want to get the word out after all!

From the Pulp City Facebook page there is this 'contest with no prize':

"Contest with no prizes: We struggle with finding the right name for this agent babe. She works closely with Spybreaker, the leader of the Supreme Alliance, probably the first (chronologically) team in Pulp City and is highly trained in espionage, martial arts and firearms. She spent a lot of time as a double agent working for Soviet intel in 60's but her heart always beats to the sound of the Star Spangled Banner. Her other team-mates are Battlesuit 7, A-Beast, Coldfire, Aquanaut and ... Perun. The concept by multi-talented Sergus."

Yes, the Supreme Alliance is coming, and yes YOU can name one of the Supremes in that Team, if only for the glory of doing so.

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