Saturday, 15 September 2012

New Pulp City/Pulp Monsters Website Is Go!

The new Pulp City website is live here.

Note that although Pulp Monsters refers to the imminent rules for big guys trashing the city, it is also the brand under which Pulp City is produced.

There is new fluff for the Heroes and Villains of Pulp City, glimpses of the upcoming Reaver Lords, and hints of tumultuous and pivotal times ahead for the future of Pulp City. If you look closely you can also see the relative powers and weaknesses of the Pulp Monsters team!

Momentum is certainly building around Pulp City with new sneak peeks of stuff recently (like the Supreme Alliance here on the Forum, and here), and the new release schedule soon to drop into place; initial releases will be pairs of blisters, 2 per month, from the following list although the order is yet to be confirmed:

  • V.H. and Blacksmith (Blood Watch Leader and L2)
  • Green Emperor and Terror Cotta Warriors (Jade Cult Leader and special L2)
  • Papa Zombie and Comte Vendredi (The Coven Leader and L2)
  • Red Bella and Primates of Power (ARC Level 2 and Avatars of the Ape Spirit)

The website will be regularly updated (now made easier with the change of platform), which will see a rolling program of fluff updates as well as previews of new minis (such as Comte Vendredi) and new Supreme, Minion and Monster concepts, and of course any special announcements relating to the game including the upcoming Supreme Edition. The site will also be the source of Reaver Lords news so even more reason to check in.  So keep checking the new Pulp City/Pulp Monsters website for updates.

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